I have been making my way through The Artist Way and it has inspired me to start a few new projects. One of the projects is about having babies during a pandemic and how this has affected the journey.

The birth journey is a beautiful, raw and messy process. It comes in many forms and can happen in a variety of places. At the centre of the most empowering birth stories is a sense of choice and inner strength. The choice to move through pregnancy in the way that fits your lifestyle and beliefs. The choice to labour in a way that enables your body to feel safe. The freedom to have your partner, family members or doula beside you as you undergo this transformative experience. 

In 2020 these choices and freedoms are being taken from women as they experience pregnancy within a pandemic, and it is impacting every aspect of their journey.

But what are the results of these changes for the women, the people around them and their babies? Some are feeling a new determination to birth at home. Some are feeling more isolated and unsure than ever. 

Are the they being supported enough to enable them to access their inner strength? What can these women teach us all, regardless of our parenthood status, about our own resilience and power? 

In birthing our children, we birth a new version of ourselves, and now more than at any other time this process is being altered. 

As every woman is different so too will every birth be different. We would like to hear from mothers and their partners, doulas and birth workers. We want to hear your experiences of the birth journey; your pregnancy and preparation for birth, the labour and delivery, and your fourth trimester or post-natal time. We would like to capture a glimpse of your experiences both in words and in images, so we can share both the inner and outer world you walk through on this journey. 

All people and all voices are welcomed and necessary, be they from minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, first time parents, or veterans. All birth plans are welcome and valid, from home births to elective caesareans, and everything in between. 

To learn more or to get involved please head over to Birthing In A Pandemic or message me through here.