This month it's all about the copper pipe. I have always wanted to have a play with shooting through a copper pipe to try to create what others have called "the ring of fire" but first I needed to find myself a piece of pipe. I called all of the building supply shops around me,  searched online and didn't have any success but Bex who's one of the amazing photographers in this loop happened to have some extras and was able to send me one (thank you again so much Bex and I can't wait to see the magic you've created!). 

What I learned straight away is that at least for me shooting through the copper pipe to create the classic ring of fire was very tricky and much more challenging than I thought it would be! The first time I had a play with it was during a beautiful day out in the woods (pre-lockdown era) and I didn't really get any shots of the ring of fire because the sun was too high,  that's the other thing I learned: the sun needs to be much closer to the horizon. But I still really liked the effect it gave me and me and my daughter had a lot of fun playing around which at the end of the day is all that really matters. 

About a week or so after I took these photos our country went into lockdown and I wasn't sure if we would get a chance to have another play.  But the other night after dinner we went out for our walk and lo and behold the rapeseed field was back! Now this field really brings me so much joy and it felt like a gift from the universe that it was here again for me to get to enjoy while we are missing out on going to do many of our special spots(the last time it was here was three years ago when we first moved here).

I still struggled with getting the ring of fire and didn't really succeed in the way I had envisioned but we all had the best of time trying and I will continue to play and experiment with it because it is actually quite addicting. 

Now please go check out the gorgeous and uber talented Leila Balin,the next amazing artist in our loop and see what they have created and then continue along until you get back to me!