This little monthly project has been something that I really look forward to each month and this month's theme is colour. 

I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do,  at first I wanted to focus on my own favourite colours but instead I decided to ask Nixie if she wanted to help me and asked her of she had any ideas and without any pause she came up with the idea of covering herself in paint.  It was good timing because the previous week she had asked me if we could have a messy paint session just me and her without Forrest so her wish  came true!  (although Forrest did get to join in for a bit afterwards when I carried her up to the bathtub to get clean)  I wasn't able to create the vision I had in my head, trying to create something pre-planned with Nixie can be quite challenging at times but it doesn't matter because she loved every second of it and had squeals of laughter pouring out of her and to be honest that's all that matters to me.

Don't forget to check out my other amazing photographer friends to see what they've come up with, I always look forward seeing how everyone interprets the theme! Next up is the incredible Leila Balin!