Forrest, you and I got up around 6 today which is much better than 4:30/5 which has been your usual time these last couple of weeks. You've been having morning boob to wake up and you seem to be in there for hours to the point where it makes me get up because it starts to hurt a bit! You have a bit of a cold but you are still you're happy self. Your ability to walk has gotten so good all of a sudden, it felt so slow going up until a week ago and now you almost seem back to your normal self! You are so happy about it too, always announcing,"I'm walking I'm walking!" You have even started being able to dance around to music which just makes me so happy. At the moment you are a bit obsessed with Peppa pig which I'm not thrilled about and you love your tablet which we've been basically letting you use whenever you want when you broke your leg but I think in the new year we will be so busy that it'll be a thing of the past.

Also you will only accept kisses on your head and you are very clear about this so I have been trying my hardest not to forget and honour your wishes. You love snuggles and hugs though so I'm grateful for that. 

You wanted to have breakfast straight away and enjoyed some Cheerios before asking me to turn off all the lights so you could play with your torch in the dark pretending you are a ghost then you wanted to snuggle up and have some boob

Nixie you came down around 8:15 and straight away gave us your hugs and then Forrest you requested today's baggy, you are so good at waiting!! We are getting very close to the end of the solstice countdown and this time I had hid the chocolate as they were too big to fit and you both loved searching for them. 

Nixie, you spent ages going through our natural history book especially loving all the pages on crystals and fossils. You still want to be a paleontologist. I just love seeing you be so excited about things.

You and forrest are so sweet together, you are always coming up with new games. This morning's game was called dog mode and it entails you, forrest holding onto nixies waist while she walks around. Another game you played was strapping yourself in the buggy and having Nixie bring you up and down to the floor and this game went on for ages!!You are always telling her you love her and being able to witness the love between you both is one of the greatest gifts of my life. You now even say Nixie but you say Ney Net and it's so cute! Also you, Forrest are one of the politest little two year olds I've ever met, you say peease with everything and are so incredibly thoughtful in everything you do, it really blows me away! One thing you still love doing is whispering secrets to us but all it entails is feeling your sweet breath in my ear.

We decided to make some chocolate chip cookies while daddy needed to write some official letters. After baking the two of you had a dance party to some of your old favourites, it's so nice seeing you, Forrest running around again!! There was a point where I worried if you'd get there or of you needed more help. Nixie you went and out on a dress to dance in and then Forrest you got upset that you couldn't wear it and I could see it in your eyes, Nixie that you so badly wanted him to wear it but then decide to get him another one . And now Forrest you can sing the words to let it go and it's just the sweetest. Your music preferences are quite eclectic, you go from mishkat to frozen to baby metal! Makes me laugh so much!

I accidentally left the cookies in the oven for too long so they weren't as gooey as I would have liked but still tasty but you forrest have a really funny way of eating them you pick out the chocolate chips and refuse to eat the rest!

We decided to head out to Holland's wood for a little bit so that you, Nixie could ride your bike and so that you, Forrest could finally drive nixies old flower quad bike. We managed to find the charger for it hidden away in a closet last night. Although you have already mostly outgrown it but that didn't stop you from having so much fun even though your speed went at a snails pace! It wasn't long before you were finding tricks you could do on it like steering and standing up, sitting sideways and my favourite lying down!! Nixie you enjoyed some independence and went cruising around on your bike. I even discovered a lion's mane mushroom which I thought was very exciting and of course I had to show all of you and I love that you all shared my enthusiasm and Forrest you thought it looked like your hat and kept giggling about it.

At one point we stopped outside the now closed toilet block which brought back so many memories, you, Nixie have always loved playing on the gate even when you were tiny! I love how this place feels like home. And it felt amazing seeing you, Forrest being able to walk on your own, it is truly starting to feel like we are getting our lives back. I'm so proud of how far you've come! You still have a bit of a limp but you can now walk easily unaided. You made me laugh because you did a fart and I asked you if you needed a poo and you said "no, just a bop!" Bop is your word for fart.

It felt really nice to be out in the fresh air and seeing the two of you enjoying yourselves. The battery on your little quad bike didn't last long and we headed home. 

Once home daddy finished some stuff on the computer and the two of you played in your playroom upstairs while I relaxed on the sofa with a cup of coffee. when I went to fill my cup in the kitchen I noticed 4 juice boxes that had been poked open but not drunk, a sure sign of your, Forrests magnificent work! 

We decided that we are going to surprise you with a trip to Paultons tomorrow so we needed to measure how tall you, forrest are now. When daddy went in to your room and asked you if he could measure you, you replied "of course! Yes peease!" You are just too cute for words!! You measured 101cm and Nixie you were 122cm which means we need to buy a family of four ticket. I'm really excited about going tomorrow, it's partially because you, Forrest had wanted to go on your bday but unfortunately Paultons is closed in Jan so we thought we'd go now instead and it's also partially celebrating that you can walk again!!

After dinner I brought you, Forrest upstairs to brush your teeth and get ready for bed. You and Nixie had started clashing a bit and it was very obvious you were overtired but you did not agree and became quite upset with me. But I was right  because after 2.5 stories you had fallen asleep nursing. I decided to take this little window to read up on my doula work while nixie, you and daddy were playing chess downstairs for a bit before it was time for you to go to bed.