You and I my little Forrest got up way earlier than I would have liked at 5:15 but at least we got to get some daddy cuddles before he left for work which was extra nice since you didn't get to see him last night as you were asleep when he got home. 

Lots has been happening with you lately! In this last week you've figured out how to get up into a sitting position from your belly,  you're getting even better at crawling and can eventually make it across the room and you've gotten your first tooth! 

Nixie came downstairs around 6:30 and I love seeing how much you love her, as soon as you lay your eyes on her your face turns into the biggest smile and you are always reaching out to her and puckering your lips to give her kisses. Life with siblings is so much better!  

It wasn’t a very nice day out, very dark, wet and gloomy so we ended up having a relaxing day at home being creative and playing. You (Nixie) come up with the coolest things and I absolutely love hearing the thoughts you have, for instance one of the random thoughts you shared with me was how we should make blood juice for mosquitos by mixing a tiny bit of our blood with some apple juice and putting it into a bowl so that they’ll drink that instead of biting us, not a bad idea! Another thing you kept saying which made me giggle is “oh I’m so stressed” or “this is stressing me out” not because if you were stressed, I would find it funny but because I know you don’t know what it means, I asked you what you thought it meant and you said you didn’t know, I tried to explain it wasn’t a very good feeling and one that can make your feel poorly and then you said “Oh, I’m not stressed then.”

I decided to take down the jumparoo because Forrest hasn’t used it in weeks really and we really need the space back, especially now that Forrest is crawling but I didn’t realise how much it was going to upset you! You had the biggest upset over it saying you wanted to keep it up forever and even in the middle of your crying you ran over to our moodometer and turned it to “sad” and then continued to cry even more. And what was even more sad was that your crying made Forrest cry and so I had two very sad little ones to try to comfort! Forrest has started to get upset whenever you get upset, he hates seeing you sad.

We had a quick trip to Waitrose and you discovered a new thing by the cookies where you can weigh and press buttons and get a price sticker printed which you loved and ended up being covered in stickers!  When we got home you insisted I went inside first and locked the door so you could say your “goodbyes” because you said you were going to work in London. I obliged. 2 minutes later you had finished your “work” and were ready to come inside. Forrest was sound asleep shortly after.

Two days ago, you watched an episode of Dino Dana and since then you are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs but today you only like the baby ones,  your  excitement is amazing to see!  You’ve been busy creating all sorts of imaginary scenarios, one of them came to life when I tried to grab something from your plate while we were having our lunch (oh i also have to say you have the most interesting taste buds, you like to mix savoury with sweet, today you enjoyed dipping your wrap into your strawberry milk) and you blocked me from being able to reach your plate saying you had built a trap and I said “oh because I’m a dinosaur?” And you said “yes you’re a T-Rex and I’m a Triceratops and protecting my babies.” I asked you if you ate meat and you said,”no, they eat plants” and I asked do they have spikes and you said “no” and then you had to run upstairs to try to find a book to show me but never managed to find it. You came back downstairs, pretending to be a snake shedding its skin and then you said to me how you thought it would be cool if we could dance with  T-Rex and also that you hope it’s rainbow weather when auntie Karen and Laycie visit. I really love the randomness of our conversations these days! 

When Forrest woke up, we decided to do some sensory play with him and added food colouring to greek yoghurt and then I had fun watching the two of you get very messy! Forrest you really loved it although it was a bit too cold at first, i should have allowed the yoghurt to get to room temperature but you didn’t seem to mind too much! Afterwards I put both you and your sister into the bath and then we all went back downstairs to clean up and Nixie helped me get some greek yoghurt paint splashed that ended up on the wall.

Afterwards you (Nixie) went and played in your own room & while Forrest was busy playing with some toys I took the opportunity to make you a little dinosaur. When you came down you added some rainbow colours but wasn’t really in the mood for colouring so I put it together and the look on your face when you realised it was able to stand on its own made you so incredibly happy! It was the sweetest reaction and you ran off with it upstairs shouting “Thank you Mummy so much!!!”

Eventually Forrest was ready for another nap and you asked if you could watch an episode of Dino Dana so I said ok and we had such a lovely cuddle together. When he woke up we all played for a bit and then got a very lovely surprise from daddy who walked through the doors at 18:00 an hour earlier than normal! It made us all very happy and the rest of the evening we all just hung out and you, Forrest and daddy got to have lots of cuddles. 

When you and daddy finally went upstairs to bed you came back down with your Dr.seuss dinosaur book which you couldn't find earlier, I loved that you still remembered that you wanted to show me a picture of a triceratops especially after so many hours, you were so excited to show me it and then you gave me the biggest hug and a kiss, blew a kiss to Forrest and told us you loved us and rushed back upstairs.