It's been a tiring few days.  We've had a house full of poorly people.  Everyone except me that is, well that's not entirely true anymore,  I'm starting to feel a bit poorly and run down but Forrest,  you ended up getting hand foot and mouth disease, and had a high fever on Thu and then the spots started appearing the next day and even though you are much better, your blisters look really angry and on sat night, you, Nixie came down with a high fever that's been coming and going since.  We had to cancel your forest school session for today which made me sad. For the past couple of days we have all been sleeping downstairs,  not entirely sure why,  it started when Forrest was really poorly so that he wouldn't wake you up but since sat when you started getting poorly you wanted to sleep downstairs too so we've been just going with it!  I actually woke up a whole half hour before any of you guys this morning, now that's something that rarely happens! It felt nice to have those 30 min all to myself in absolute quiet and darkness.  

We had an exceptionally lazy day at home snuggling under the covers and watching nature documentaries and just playing random games throughout the day.  At one point you (Nixie)  had crawled into Forrest's wooden activity cube and me and your dad (oh you've started calling him dad instead of daddy lately and it sounds so weird to me and you've even started calling me mum instead of mama or mummy!) started guessing what you had become: an ankylosaurus, a tortoise,  a pangolin…you just kept saying "No." and we kept trying to come up with clever ideas when finally we gave up and you told us with a cheeky smile on your face that you were just in a box! You really made us laugh,  you are really starting to have such a great sense of humour. We also played rugby class where I had to pretend I was your coach Hogie and we then had to reenact a lot of the games and exercises you do in class, I love how much you love this class! 

Another game you really loved was daddy's blowing kisses game and you kept requesting it,  and whenever he would blow a kiss and it would get lost you would burst into the biggest happiest giggles, it's moments like these when I'm reminded of how little you still are!  

And Forrest you have now officially mastered climbing up on the couch, before if Nixie wanted to read a book, the couch was her safe space where you couldn't get to her but now that has all changed because now if she's on the couch with a book you are up there with her in a flash trying to grab at the pages and I keep having to put you down on the floor or try to hold you but you just get really angry and upset with me and Nixie doesn't want to leave the room so it all becomes a bit tricky!

When it was time to put you to bed and the two of us went upstairs and laid down I realised how exhausted I really felt! My whole body just went limp and I took the opportunity to have a little bit of a rest,  it felt so good to just be lying there next to you listening to your sweet breath. I probably should have just gone to sleep with you but I had wanted to go to the shops with just Nixie, its hard sometimes when your mind and heart are telling you two different things! 

While Forrest slept you (Nixie) and I went on a mission to see if we could find some bath bombs on the high street and we also ended up getting a dinosaur sticker book from waterstones and you looked so grown up going up to the till and using my bank card to pay.  Another thing I love about you is that you are always picking up trash and putting it into the bin, this time it was an empty glass bottle. 

Soon after we got home we had our bath and it felt really special to be doing this just the two of us.  Forrest had woken up and wanted to join us so badly but couldn't and it did make me feel a little bit bad but he did have fun just watching us and putting his finger tips in the water! 

Afterwards you obviously weren't feeling very good still and just snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa. The clocks had changed yesterday so it was the first day where it got dark out so early in the day and I think this helped you be able to rest. You didn't really want to eat anything,  you did manage to eat some fruit but that was about it. The rest of the evening was spent looking at books,  playing with Forrest and then ended with us all sleeping downstairs again falling asleep to an episode of our planet.