You (Forrest) and I got up around 6:30 but you kept me up for most of the night being constantly attached to my boob,  at one point I woke up startled because you bit down super hard! Oh the joys! Haha! It was a gloomy rainy cosy indoor day today.  I made daddy get up at 7:30 so that I could do stuff on the computer. The two of you were being really cute playing with your toys and you've gotten really good at stacking things. Nixie you didn't wake up until almost 9:00 and you came downstairs with the sweetest bed hair I've ever seen.

You've been enjoying putting on our Swedish nursery rhymes for Forrest and you've been enjoying singing to them. It's so cute!  We all had a very lazy breakfast of cereal and toast with our homemade dandelion honey. Afterwards I did some chores while you and Forrest entertained each other, & I had this realisation that getting chores done and stuff has become pretty easy,  Forrest you've reached that stage where you are so much more independent, you are so lucky to have your sister to play with.

When Forrest had his nap you and I did some crafts.  I had found this cool cardboard owl tutorial online which we decided to do and it was so easy and so fun too!  You are still my little owl obsessed girl and you've also created a new style of owl drawing which I absolutely love and another thing you've started doing this past week is a symbol that you've created that you have to draw every time you've finished something. 

Once we finished with that you helped me make our second batch of honey,  we were determined to get it right this time,  our first batch was a bit too runny but still tasty though! Just as we were finishing up daddy came down with Forrest.  Once the honey was done I started making our hummus as we had run out,  and Forrest you loved eating the chickpeas and even though you're still not a fan of the blender you loved eating the hummus and as soon as it was finished we were able to have our lunch. 

Afterwards I decided it was time for another messy paint session but decided to try doing it in the bath to keep you contained.  And it was our best messy paint session to date!  You were really enjoying yourself and we're having so many great laughs with Nixie.  The clean up was effortless too and Nixie you were over the moon happy asking if we can do this all the time. You especially loved the purple bathwater afterwards.

Forrest you  are really getting so grown up. After I had gotten you dressed you kept grabbing one of Nixie's Dr. Seuss books and opening it up as though you were reading it.  Then you did your sweet thing of backing up into my lap and wanted me to read it to you so I made up short sentences for each page to keep you interested before you got bored. 

You (Nixie) requested butternut squash pasta again  (the same as we had on our last photo day actually) and I said OK,  you (Forrest) went into the pasta drawer and chose a different one from the one Nixie wanted and she said, “aww he wants to mix them up,  he wants to have that kind too” so of course we had to use it too. I like it when we are all involved in making dinner decisions!  But cooking with you wandering around in the kitchen is not easy, especially when the dishwashing machine is on because all you want to do is turn it on and off. On and off. On and off. Over and over again!  You (Nixie) wanted to hang out with me in the kitchen while I cooked and did some drawing but this didn't make Forrest very happy and he got so upset trying to pull you away and you were being so oatient with him, you really amazie me at times! Oh and I also discovered that someone had gotten into the nutella jar again. You (Nixie) cleaimed it was the ants again and that we must find a way to stop them. Hmmm it's been happening a lot which means we must have a really bad ant problem. 

Tonight's pasta was a really yummy batch, and you (Nixie) had to have honey on it,  you always love to try the most unusual things,we had watermelon for dessert and Forrest you just can't get enough of it and the way you eat it just melts my heart.  After dinner you needed to have another bath because you became covered in pasta. I needed to do some stuff on the computer so daddy gave you a bath and Nixie you stayed downstairs and watched a show.  

Afterwards we all hung out together for a little bit before it was bedtime.  The day went by really fast and even though we didn’t do anything spectacular it was such a great day. Everyone was getting along and all I felt was an overflowing of love all day long. These kinds of days no matter what we are doing will always be my favourite.