Today was one of those days where we didn't really get up to anything overly exciting.  I started my morning with a bike ride along the seawall, this has been a  new thing I've been doing for the last few weeks now and it has been so good for me on all levels. I can't believe I haven't been doing this all along! Just having this bit of space in the morning with nature really helps me clear my head and be ready for the day.  Feeling the wind on my face and smelling the sea air is such a beautiful tonic. It makes me joyful. And I've decided that my word for this year is Joyful, to focus more on all the things that bring me joy!

When I got back home you Forrest were in the middle of a little beauty session with Nixie: you were both having fun putting on my lip gloss. This was followed by breakfast and then a bit of a music session and snuggles, looking through some of our art books, becoming excited with the progress of our little seedlings. At one point you, Nixie, had gone out in the garden and picked all of our primroses feeling super proud of yourself because you wanted to make something with them. The only thing was that it wasn't enough flowers to actually make anything so later in the day when we headed out to free one of our frogs we foraged for some more. You also spent time in the garden making a snail habitat. 

You Nixie are going through so many changes and so many shifts it's hard to keep up at times!  Just last week you lost your very first tooth and at first when you first noticed it wobbling you were so upset about it, you didn't want to lose your tooth and you didn't want to grow up, it was all just a bit too much for you.  My heart ached seeing you go through the full spectrum of emotions but when it did finally fall out you were so excited and even proud of it!

We did have a sweet little outing when we did make it out to free our little frog even though you nixie had a little fall and it made you really upset, you asked me to take a photo of it and once I did you felt much better! We managed to forage some more primroses and when we got back home we decided to press them all and save them for later.

We had another little outing to the garden centre because I really wanted to get some pansies and violas which we could use for for special sweet treats and we spent the rest of the afternoon making edible flower bark and some delicious coconut balls with pansies too.

Daddy had ordered some pencil sharpeners which arrived including an electrical one and oh my gosh what a hit this was with the both of you! You guys spent a good hour sharpening all of our coloured pencils, you both thought it was the most incredible thing ever! Then the two of you continued having a bit of a dance party before we spent some time in the garden planting things.

For dinner we made sushi and you Nixie are getting to be quite good at it!

After dinner we had a family movie night and watched the most amazing film: Storm Boy! It was such a beautiful film and even you, Nixie sat and watched the whole movie without getting bored, it was actually one of my favourite movie nights we've had! We were all snuggled up together and Forrest fell asleep on me and everything felt so peaceful and calm. Afterwards once I put Forrest into bed, it was my turn to put you, Nixie to bed. Bedtimes have been quite hard for you lately but on this night you just fell asleep without any upsets.