After we’ve chatted and decided on a time and date and you have agreed to my terms & conditions this is what you can expect from our sessions.
Ann is an amazing photographer but also the most lovely person. I have been struggling with my new postpartum body and self and felt so awkward when Ann was taking pictures. But she made me feel so comfortable and natural, there was no pressure I just had to be. I honestly cannot stop staring at the pictures, I don’t look like the monster I see in the mirror; I look content and peaceful. Thank you Ann.

This is a time to celebrate you and whichever season of parenthood you are in. Parenthood can be so tough, so draining as much as it is wonderful. So often we forget about ourselves as we selflessly give to others. I love these sessions as this is a time to truly give yourself some much needed me time, to allow yourself to be seen, revered and celebrated and to also make sure that you have special memories from this time in your life. These sessions are especially good for honouring your postpartum body or to just have some special one on one time with your children.

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