I’m married and a mama to two. I was born in Sweden and moved London in my twenties where I met my husband. Craving a quieter, more peaceful life and one closer to nature we relocated from the big city to Lymington in the New Forest.

I’m a wanderer and a nomad at heart. I feel the most at home when I’m out in the wilds: the forests and the sea are my tonic. They are sacred to me.

I’m a lover of love, synchronicity,  & of the unknown and its infinite possibilities, a lover of opposites; of light and dark, our mind and heart, our soul and spirit and discovering all the different ways they work together.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life and there’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than connecting with other families and telling their stories. I take a lifestyle/documentary approach in my sessions and I am completely in love with the dynamics of family life and all the moments of bliss, joy, chaos and even the tears that it brings and I love to capture it all. I’m all about capturing the authentic moments in your life, the big ones, the small ones and even the in-between ones as they usually are the ones that end up having the most impact on the heart. I strive to create memories of love and connections for you to look back on in years to come.