It's been a few weeks since I put my new Milk project into the world and I just want to say I am blown away by all of the emails I have received from people all over the UK wanting to take part . So many of you have shared pieces of your hearts with me and for that I am truly honoured.

Already through this project many of you feel a part of a greater community and no longer feel alone in having an older nursling. Reading all of your messages has really confirmed how important this project is.

I am happy to say I have already begun & am currently photographing the people that are most local to me. As our breastfeeding journeys can be quite time sensitive I will be guided to the locations based on the ages of the nurslings and will focus on the older ones first along with how many are in a specific location. I am creating a map of where everyone is located so I’m hoping I can make a series of little road trips. I’m hoping to begin heading a bit further west from me beginning next month. 

I am still searching for older nurslings (5+) so if this is you please do get in touch with me by sending me an email at with the subject: Milk. Please state where you are based and the ages of your nurslings along with your instagram. 

Please DO NOT message me via instagram or facebook as it is next to impossible for me to keep track of everyone and I don’t want any of your messages to get lost.