I’m Ann! I’m married and a home educating mama to two little wildlings; an 8 year old girl named Phoenix and a 4 year old boy named Forrest. Craving a quieter life and one closer to nature we relocated from London to the New Forest in 2017.

I have always been someone who feels deeply and I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I value connections,  empathy and authenticity. I have an adventurous spirit and that combined with following my heart has led me to have some extraordinary experiences that have shaped me as a person. 

I was born in Sweden, spent my teenage years in the states and in my mid twenties I ended up in London with plans to become a war photographer, I even had my ticket to Iraq in my hands. But the universe works in funny ways and had other plans for me. I ended up becoming an apprentice to a healer in the west end and undergoing an intensely personal journey of self-healing and discovery for several years. It was a journey of unravelling a lifetime of conditioning, facing my fears and insecurities and overcoming personal trauma & learning about the many ways in which my heart and mind work together. This experience changed and transformed me. It was an awakening.

The years that followed I spent learning about even more forms and healing and bodywork and did a lot of travelling and photographing people all over the world. I lived with the Bedouins in Jordan,  did a Peace Cycle through the West Bank and spent several weeks living and getting to know the beautiful families in the townships of South Africa. 

When I became a mother I underwent yet another rebirth. Motherhood has brought me to where I feel I am meant to be and it has been the greatest gift I could ever ask for. Now my work is focused on motherhood and all that entails and I feel for the first time I have finally found what makes my soul sing.  Capturing moments of love and connection between a mother and her family brings me such joy, I feel it is so important for us to be in photos ourselves. 

I bring all of my past experiences into our photo sessions and I want our session to be a very special experience,  I want you to feel seen and heard.  Motherhood is all encompassing and as beautiful and incredible a journey it is it is also probably one of the hardest. I want our sessions to feel like a celebration of you where you are honored and can be yourself and just experience and enjoy the moment of the season you are in. Life is so incredibly fleeting and I am passionate about creating beautiful imagery and  tangible keepsakes for you to have to look back on years to come.