It is always such an incredible honour to be trusted to capture memories of the postpartum journey and it is one of my favourite spaces to be in. The moment I met Nathalie it felt like meeting up with an old friend. What an incredible woman she is.  This was such a special session.

Here are some words from her heart: "I never imagined a little over a month ago, before Aidan was born, that I would now have this scar. I had envisaged he would arrive peacefully at home the same way his brother before him had. I feel so conflicted about my body now. Did it fail, was it my fault his birth was an emergency? I knew we needed medical intervention when we transferred and felt such relief when it was decided during labour it would be a section, because at that point he needed to be born. I was so grateful medical assistance was so readily available, they were so kind and Aidan had been born safely. But recovering afterwards I felt I had been robbed, of our golden hour, and getting to know each other without others around and also of how difficult and painful it was. Now though, I am beginning to appreciate just how remarkable my body is. To have endured everything, to heal beautifully and to continue to nourish a third baby. I never would have thought I had the confidence to have photos of something so intimate, but I'm realising it is so important to celebrate and be grateful for how amazing we are. I want to thank Ann for giving me such a wonderful gift, of being so positive and loving, without her I wouldn't have felt empowered enough to do this."