My Session fee is £150. For my full price list please visit my investment page.

Let’s tell the story of this season you are in, there deserves to be a record of this time in your life for you and for your family. This is a time to focus on you and to celebrate the glorious woman that you truly are.

Motherhood is a journey, a journey that takes us to the very depths of our beings, to me, it is a sacred journey. It changes us. Parts of us die and are reborn. It is beautiful and joyful but also excruciatingly heartbreaking. Motherhood is a journey of contradictions. In one day we can feel every emotion under the sun and yet it all passes so quickly and is all forgotten. 

No matter how much time has passed, a photograph has the power to bring back a feeling, inner thoughts and reflections and that to me is a treasure and something I want for all mamas to have. I want to help keep those memories that are so incredibly fleeting safe for you to visit in years to come. 

If you’ve never had a session with me before, you may be wondering, what happens after I book? (Click the images to learn more)