I woke up around 7 all snuggled up with you, Forrest, having your morning “numnum”. Our times of feeding during the day may be a lot less but the mornings are still going strong as ever and I truly treasure these moments I get to have with you because I am acutely aware that they won’t last forever. We got up shortly after and managed to get out of bed without waking Nixie or daddy. You wanted your usual breakfast of crave cereal and this morning you had it in the lounge so that you could watch Peppa Pig the movie. 

You have this thing of letting your cereal go soggy which upsets you greatly but without fail there are a million things you all of a sudden need to do as soon as the milk has been poured in such as needing to do your morning wee with daddy and having to go upstairs to wake him up to do so. You made me laugh afterwards because you kept grabbing your penis and telling us that you are holding your willy bone! After carrying you back downstairs and trying to encourage you to sit down to eat so that your breakfast doesn’t go soggy you did manage to sit down for a little bit before needing to get back up to kiss and hug me lots and lots and telling me “Hejda, jag alskar dej, love you, bye!” before i was able to go to the office to try to get some work done but it wasn’t long before you needed me again. Nixie was up shortly after and gave you biggest hug the moment she saw you. 

I woke up daddy around 8:30 and made him get up so we could start our days adventure to Corfe Castle (it was free entry for the whole weekend). While we had our breakfast the two of you were playing upstairs in your playroom, I could hear the keyboard and games of hide and seek taking place. We managed to be in the car and on the road by 9:45 but before officially heading towards corfe castle, we needed to stop by Holland's of Milford so I could drop off my lens to be returned to camera world, it was my new 50mm lens and I absolutely loved it but the autofocus stopped working which is super sad. 

We let you have your tablets for the car and it's so sweet because you connected both your headphones together so you could just watch Zombies via Nixie’s tablet and sing your hearts out. After the movie finished you found a game to play which didn’t require wifi which kept both of you entertained the rest of the way. Forrest, you, thought it was the best thing ever! The amount of screams and giddy shouts were a bit overwhelming at times if I'm honest but it was still sooo much better than screaming and shouting in anger or an upset! 

When we arrived at the car park it was absolutely packed and we didn't think we were going to find a spot to park but then we got super lucky and someone just pulled out as we were going to go somewhere else. As we walked up the path to the castle church bells were ringing and Nixie, you told me how it made the walk feel so magical and so much better. As we arrived at the gates of Corfe Castle the two of you grabbed some flyers and a map. Forrest, you loved the map and became our map reader for the day and took the job very seriously. We also discovered there was a quiz trail to do and this made you, Nixie, so happy! You always love any sort of quiz! This was our first time inside the grounds of the castle, we’ve always just come here in the past to have a picnic up on the hill with the castle as a beautiful backdrop. We got so lucky with the weather, the sun was shining and it was such a gorgeous day out! I can’t quite believe we are halfway through november! 

Before we even began exploring the castle the two of you had a go at drawing your own coat of arms, playing with the wheelbarrows and just running around having fun. Nixie, you really wanted to have a go at playing a game of giant chess but it was really busy so we said we would try again on our way out. You were also determined to roll down the hill even though we warned you it might ruin your favourite outfit but you decided you didn’t care and within about 10 seconds your bottom half became super muddy..

As we walked up the path, we kept needing to stop so that you, Forrest, could check out your map and see where we were. Once we reached the first part of the castle the both of you loved exploring the ruins, especially this one part of the castle which you, Forrest, called a secret passageway and it involves ducking really low to get under and then it opens up into a big space. We spent quite a bit of time here as you especially didn’t want to leave. At one point we had all gone out only for you to run back in and then refusing to come out unless you were “rescued” by daddy. 

We continued exploring and looking out for “shields” which had the answers to the quiz questions. There were 6 of them to find. Nixie, you took great pride in this and loved doing the writing for Forrest’s quiz. The views were absolutely incredible from the top and you both had the best time running around exploring. Forrest you kept finding little flowers to surprise me with along with the sweetest i love you’s each time you gave me one. I just love your big little heart. You have become such a little comedian in our lives, at one point you laid down on the ground telling me you couldn’t go on because you were stuck and that daddy needed to rescue you (him & Nixie had gone way ahead of us), I really tried to get you to come with me but you were determined and even asked me to take a picture of you so that I could bring it to daddy as evidence of you being stuck. So I did what you asked and went and found daddy and showed him the photo and then he ran to your rescue only for you to basically jump up and start to giggle saying you were just kidding! I absolutely love your growing sense of humour. We continued exploring the grounds and stopped along the way to take photos. I love how both of you now request to have photos taken. Eventually we made our way back down to the entrance and you showed your answers to the quiz and received your special tokens which you, Nixie, told me you were going to keep forever. We had another look at the queue to the chess game and it would still have been a while for it to be our turn and this made you, Nixie, really upset but Forrest, you were getting really hungry so we made the decision that we needed to get something to eat but that we would come back afterwards to have one more look but told you not to get your hopes up and that it probably wouldn’t happen today. Luckily, you were ok with this plan. 

We decided to go to a little tea house and sit in the garden with views of the castle. We all had drinks and sweet treats; me and daddy went for lattes and chocolate cake. Forrest, you went for a hot chocolate & Nixie, you went for a cold elderflower drink but the both of you wanted a trillionaire cake. While waiting we were all in love with a little Robin that kept coming closer and closer to us to say hello and daddy was making the both of you laugh by putting a bottle cap on his eye. You, Nixie, especially thought this was the funniest thing ever. Forrest you told us that your favourite part of the castle was the secret passageway. When our treats came, you, Forrest, devoured your hot chocolate within minutes and when you, Nixie saw him enjoying his warm drink you had a bit of a regret of not getting one yourself. We all shared our treats with each other and Forrest, you had placed a bit of our chocolate cake on top of yours and were determined to eat it like that. When you offered to share some of your cake with daddy you gave him the tiniest bit of a crumb which made us all laugh so much! 

After the cafe we headed back to Corfe Castle to see if we’d be able to play a game of chess and luckily this time after not too long of a wait we finally had our go which made you, Nixie the happiest little girl ever and when you actually won the game you became even more excited. Afterwards we headed back to the car and the steam train happened to go past at the same time and this was super exciting for you both, I just love the simplicity of childhood!

From here we decided to head to Swanage for fish and chips for tea before heading back home. We parked our car and once you got out you were absolutely determined to zip up your coat on your own and you did it! You were so proud of yourself and so was I! Once your coat was officially on we could finally leave the car and we walked to the seafront and the first thing you, Forrest did was shout that you saw litter in the sea and how bad and mean that was, you had mistaken a buoy for a bottle and when we told you what it really was you were so relieved. You, Nixie, have really been craving fish and chips for a while and I thought it was the perfect time to satisfy your craving. We never have fish at home but you and I and sometimes you, Forrest every so often have some fish with our chips. Daddy on the other hand never would. It was already almost dark by the time we got our food and sat down to eat and even though the sun was almost gone and it became a bit chilly it was still fairly comfortable to eat outside, I still can’t believe we are in the middle of November. On our way back to the car we walked along the seafront and it was really beautiful out. You both were pretending you were driving a train on the path and you, Nixie were the driver and Forrest, you were the passenger and towards the end of the path it went into a spiral shape and you kept having to redo this part of your game over and over again. Eventually we made it to the car and back on the road only to get stuck in the most horrendous traffic! I think it took about 40 min just to get from Swanage back to Corfe castle! At least the rest of the journey went fairly fast and you were both completely unfazed by it all because it gave you more time to play your new video game that you had discovered in the morning!

We finally made it home just after 19:00 and we all just lounged on the sofa for a while. I ended up laying across both of your laps and neither of you wanted me to leave and you, Forrest were so sweet because when I said I had to get up because I didn’t want to hurt you you said you didn’t care if your legs hurt because you didn’t want me to ever get up and that you wished I could lay like that forever. You really know how to turn my heart into mush. Soon after we did our usual bedtime routine of getting pyjamas on, brushing our teeth ang snuggling up in bed with some stories. You, Forrest fell asleep very quickly after having your “numnum” and Nixie, it didn’t take you very long to join him.