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I slept in this morning, I couldn't believe it. It's day 1 of my bleed and I'm feeling so cosy and had the best snuggles with you, Forrest, all through the night before you woke up and went downstairs while I was still half awake. It felt so good to just stay in bed under the blankets. I had heard you, Nixie, go downstairs a bit earlier. You now sleep in your own room. You began doing so when we still lived in our old place when we all got COVID because you didn't want to get it and then when we tested negative you started sleeping with us again but then we moved the next day and you didn't feel comfortable sleeping in a room you weren't used to so you slept in the family bed but then once we got you your loft bed ( a few weeks ago ) you started sleeping in your own room again. It feels so strange not having you to snuggle in the night but I love how independent you are becoming and I really can't believe that in 10 sleeps you will be 8 years old! 

When me and daddy finally made our way down the two of you were snuggled together sharing a tablet and playing a video game. As soon as you saw me Forrest you wanted your breakfast. I love how even if daddy is right next to you it is me who you will always ask. We had time to pour some coffee, heat it up and sit down for 5 minutes before our Tesco food delivery arrived. 

Then you, Nixie told us you weren't feeling well and had a sore throat and tummy ache. I made you a honey lemon tea and then ended up giving you some Calpol which I haven't had to do in a long time. All you wanted to do was snuggle. I hate seeing you not feeling well. While you rested I read our orangutan book to you which we love since it reminds us of the orangutans at monkey world. 

Daddy's mission for the day was to clear the space in the outdoor hallway which had become a dumping ground for really useful boxes and empty out the smaller coal shed storage so that he could put in some shelves. Every weekend since the beginning of April has been all about nesting and finding homes for things. We still haven't finished unpacking! I completely underestimated how much time it would take us to do things. The previous weekends he's been busy with the kitchen; redoing the kitchen pantry and then putting up shelves for our spices and kilner jars. 

I needed to go to the garden centre to get some plants, we completely missed out on planting seeds this year due to moving house so this year we're just buying some veg plants to go into our newly dug beds. It feels amazing to finally be able to plant things directly into the ground rather than pots. I was going to just go on my own but you, Nixie, really wanted to choose the plants and even though you would have much rather stayed home on the sofa you wanted to come & in the end it ended up being a whole family outing. It’s never a boring experience going to the garden centre with you & Forrest. While you, Nixie & daddy were choosing your plants which included a watermelon, Forrest, you decided to just pull your pants down and walk around flashing your bum. You thought it was the funniest thing ever and I had to remind you that your bum and penis were private and that you should put your trousers back on which you begrudgingly did. After a wander around the whole garden centre which only made us want more and more things but before we can commit to any more plants we need to first learn more about our garden and see what plants we do have and where and if we could add more permanent plants. Before heading home we needed to stop by Tescos for some ingredients for sushi and to stock up on treats for our day in the car tomorrow as we are going to do the safari at Longleat. 

As we were pulling into our driveway daddy had told you, Nixie, to keep your hands inside the car to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt as it’s a bit of a tight squeeze and of course you couldn’t help yourself and just had to have a finger sticking it out as a way to show that you wouldn’t get hurt and to say “no ones the boss of me!”. You make me laugh so much. Before even stepping foot inside the two of you went over to the pond and spotted some ants which you both decided needed saving. 

You, Nixie, were definitely not yourself today and I felt so bad for you. You spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching movies. The two of you did come out to help with planting our new plants but you only managed a little bit before wanting to go back to lay down. Even when it came time to make sushi you didn’t want to help which is very unlike you!

After we had finished eating daddy finished up the shelves and had begun the huge cleaning up process and finding a home for everything that had been dumped out in the back garden. I had some hama art works I needed to iron for you, Nixie and then Forrest, you wanted to learn how to throw a frisbee so you and I did lots of practising in the back garden. Before heading out though I had a look at our new plants and I was shocked to discover that our watermelon plant was gone! Earlier I had seen a crow swoop down but then it saw me and got spooked and I forgot about it but now I'm pretty sure it was the watermelon plant thief. I did a quick Google search and I discovered that crows are known to eat watermelon plants and that you should not plant them out until they are at least 20cm because then a crow will usually ignore it. I had no idea!

The day just flew by and all of a sudden it was past 20:00. We put food out for Foxy but we ended up missing him so didn’t manage a photo. For the past few weeks his timings have changed. He used to show up like clockwork every night and then we’d give him his food but lately he’s been coming later and later. You, Nixie, looked so poorly and were so tired and really wanted to go to bed but you also really really wanted to stay up to see Foxy. In the end you ended up missing out on Foxy and daddy carried you upstairs. Tonight you actually wanted to sleep with us. I love how that you still find comfort snuggling with us at night when you are poorly. 

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