Such a lovely lady and a talented photographer. I am so glad I chose Ann to document my son’s birth. She made me feel so at ease throughout, all whilst capturing the most beautiful images. They were everything I wanted and more. I will treasure the photographs forever and I really look forward to showing my son when he is older.

I first knew that I wanted to photograph births when I was pregnant with my second child, Forrest. A very good friend of mine asked me if I would be there and document the birth of her third child, I immediately said yes. I was about 32 weeks pregnant at the time and as soon as I entered the sacred birth space I just felt at home. I can't explain it but it became so clear to me that I was meant to be a birth photographer, I could feel it to the core of my being. 

It is so incredibly beautiful to bear witness to another human soul undergoing one of the biggest transformations of their lives, that of becoming a parent.  It doesn’t matter if it is your first baby or fifth baby, the journey we go through to bring our babies into this world is life changing. Every birth is a unique once in a lifetime experience. It is a journey that changes us as human beings. If there is any time in our lives that truly deserves to be honoured, revered and documented it is this unique journey of bringing new life into this world.  

I hold such deep beliefs for the intrinsic power we already possess and believe wholeheartedly in our capabilities as women/birthing people to birth our babies. As someone who loves to learn and expand my knowledge of all things I did  my doula training along with several workshops including the biomechanics of birth as a way to be a better part of your birth team. I don’t consider myself a doula but as your birth photographer I will hold space for you and will be able to offer you emotional and practical support when needed if it feels right. I have also done extensive birth photography training through Birth Becomes You and have become a certified birth photographer and this is all to better serve you as I genuinely care about your birth story and want you to have the best experience possible.

I understand how important it is to be able to read the energy of the birth space, to know when to mindfully capture moments and when to pause and take a step back. I aim to seamlessly blend into your birth space, respectfully and quietly documenting your story. 

The First Step is for you to reach out and book a complimentary, laid back meet-up where we can have cake/tea, you can ask any questions, share any requirements and most importantly where we can get a feel for each other and see if we are a good fit.  This is the most important aspect about hiring a birth photographer! You must feel 100% comfortable with me and for me to be able to do my job I need there to be some sort of connection/friendship between us.

Once you’ve decided that you would like to book me as your birth photographer a non refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. The remainder of the fee is due when you are 38 weeks. Please message me for my current prices.

What is included in your Birth Story Sessions?

A pregnancy session when you are 34+ weeks either in the comfort of your home or at a location of your choice. You will receive a private online viewing gallery where you will be able to download a minimum of 25 high resolution images. 

Another in person meeting to discuss your birth plan and what images are most important to you and if you have any personal requirements. This is a chance for me to learn the best ways to support you on the day of your birth. 

From 38 weeks I will be on call for you and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to join you at your place of birth when you are in active labour.

Documentary photography from the moment I arrive until 2 hours after the birth. 

3-4 weeks after your birth you will receive a private password protected online viewing gallery where you will be able to download a minimum of 150 high resolution images.

You will also receive 1 birth announcement photo within 24 hours after the birth to be chosen by me.

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"I feel so incredibly blessed that Ann was by my side during the birth of my third baby. She was everything we wanted as a birth photographer, and I genuinely believe that fate brought us together. After months of searching for the right photographer, I had almost given up on the dream of having my son's birth professionally documented. However, a friend then introduced me to Ann's remarkable 'milk' project, and when I discovered she also offered birth photography, I knew she was the perfect fit. Ann visited us at home for a maternity shoot when I was 39 weeks pregnant, providing a lovely opportunity for us to connect. She captured breathtaking images of my family and me, making all of us feel completely at ease. It was then that I knew I would be more than comfortable having her present when I gave birth.

When Ann received the pivotal phone call in the middle of the night, announcing the imminent arrival of our baby, she promptly made her way to us. I will forever cherish the moment Ann arrived – she gently placed her freezing cold hand against my bare back and asked me how it felt. It felt absolutely amazing and was precisely what I needed. After taking a few photos and ensuring that the flash wasn't bothersome, Ann then continued her work whilst seamlessly blending into the background. The flashes and sounds went unnoticed by me; the only thing I did really notice was her warm energy filling the room. In the absence of a midwife, having another woman - another mother - there with me was incredibly reassuring. She provided constant kindness and support throughout the birth, all the while capturing the most exquisite images. While we didn't have midwives present during the birth due to a shortage that night, a midwife did visit us several hours afterward. Ann remained by our side the entire time, meticulously documenting each moment of our birth and the initial hours of postpartum. She patiently waited for the midwife to arrive, to ensure that every precious moment of our birth story was captured.

Upon receiving the final images, I was overwhelmed with emotion – tears of pure joy streamed down my face. Every memory and the tiniest details were beautifully depicted in the most incredible photographs. I simply can't stop looking at them; I've admired them every single day since they arrived, and they are truly mesmerising."~ Frankie

"I am so pleased with how well Ann managed to capture the emotion and the moment. I was worried when my homebirth became a hospital birth that the pictures would be ruined but I was so impressed with the intimacy captured. I was concerned being  in one room may mean that it felt that Ann was very close but  I barely noticed she was even there. Ann is so lovely and calm that I felt completely at ease and relaxed. The photos are stunning and will be a wonderful reminder of such a special occasion for years to come"- Cherrie

"Having Ann as my birth photographer was definitely one of the best decisions I made! I  always loved the idea of my birth being photographed but was unsure on having someone else present as I wanted it to be a really intimate experience. Meeting Ann before the birth instantly put me at ease with her and she made me feel super comfortable. She blended into our home with such a gentle energy and it felt amazing to have an experienced birthing mother present with us. Ann checked in with me for the first few photos to see how I felt about flash and the sound and to make sure I was comfortable. She was so supportive when I would try to express how I was feeling and reassured me with positive affirmations. She knew exactly when to support me and would give me space the rest of the time. When I gave birth I didn't even notice her in the room or taking photos, which was exactly what I hoped for! She helped with all the little things like passing us towels etc so that we could enjoy the first moments cuddling together as a family. She stayed with us to capture the golden hour and was so supportive whilst still giving us space to meet our baby and feel uninterrupted. She only left when we were all happy she had captured the photos we wanted. Looking at the photos now makes me cry everytime as it brings back all the wonderful emotions and reminds me how magical the experience was. There were moments I had forgotten which Ann captured so naturally and it's the most precious gift to be able to look back at my birth. I couldn't be happier with my birth photos and I am so glad she was there. And as for the flash of the camera.. I genuinely didn't notice it at all!"-Zoe

"Ann arrived just before the midwife and I felt such a relief when I saw her! I was initially suspicious about a midwife getting involved too much, and with Ann being there I felt more protected. I am so grateful that Ann caught all those precious moments that I want to remember. Most importantly, I felt so comfortable with her being there, and in fact don't remember her taking photos or using any flash at all! She was so professional and seemed to know exactly where to be during the whole process of Zoryan's birth to have the right angle but not being in the way at all! Not only was she there to take photos she was also a source of support. I remember encouraging words and touch of the women around me, and at one point I remember  looking close into Ann's eyes our foreheads touching, feeling her love, & hearing her voice gave me my strength and confidence back. She even made me laugh, which felt amazing!" ~ Elina