I cannot believe one year has gone by since I first met sweet baby Cora. What a beautiful honour it has been to watch her grow up from a tiny newborn to a little girl over this past year.  

When I first met Cora she was just a couple of days old.  It is always the biggest honour to be invited into a families home during this very sacred postpartum time. It is such a powerful time in a woman's life,  you have just crossed a threshold and gone through such an incredible transformation and if I could photograph just this time in a woman's life for the rest of mine,  my heart and soul would be so blissfully happy!  

I'll never forget this day when I arrived at their house. The sense of calm I felt was so beautiful. I remember Cherrie being absolutely exhausted but to me all I saw was a goddess.  The way she was able to move between her eldest,  Ettie and her newborn, was so effortless and instinctual.  It was so beautiful to watch.  

We had another session 4 months later, we were lucky that we had it when we did because a few weeks later due to the corona virus we entered a national lockdown. 

We had another session after another 4 months when Cora was 8 months but this time instead of coming to their home we had our session in the New Forest due to the restrictions because of the Corona Virus.

We were lucky we managed one more session before the second lockdown happened to celebrate one year of Cora.