I’ve been working on my MILK project for the past three years (You can see it here). It’s been featured in both Juno and The Green Parent magazine and I am now turning it into a book. 

I have received so many beautiful messages from mothers who have told me that seeing images of other mothers breastfeeding older children has empowered them and really helped them feel a part of a larger community. 

Unfortunately the UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world so it is not surprising that breastfeeding beyond infancy isn't something we are used to seeing all the time. Although it is something that could and should be seen as absolutely normal! Awareness and knowledge of the biological norm is severely lacking.  

It is my hope that through this book we will help normalise natural term breastfeeding and empower others who are on a similar path to keep going. 

I am in search of mothers who are breastfeeding children past 2.5 years but ideally 3 years and up.

What is needed of you? You will need to be available for a portrait session with you and your nursling feeding along with signing a model release and answering a few questions about your breastfeeding journey so far. You will recieve any edited high-res digital copies as a thank you for being a part of my project. 

I'm looking for people all over the UK but if you live far from Dorset or the New Forest I will just need to find more people in your area to make it work.

If this is you and you'd like to take part please get in touch via email: ann@annowenfoto.com subject: Milk project.