This was such a very special session (pre-coronavirus) and I loved getting to spend time with Rose and her amazing family. At 37 weeks pregnant she was absolutely glowing and she had even used her incredible skills as a florist to make a very beautiful flower crown to wear. She's based in Bournemouth & I can highly recommend her for any of your floral needs, go check her work out (and instagram)! I've included her reflections about our session here because recieving feedback like this just makes me so happy, it's exactly what I want people to feel after a session with me. We did have quite the hilarious start to our session though, the sunny blue skies turned dark within 2 minutes of them arriving and it began hailing down on us pretty intensely for a little bit and little Alfie was not very impressed but luckily it was short lived and soon he was happy again once he got to feel the earth under his feet and go exploring.

"We met Ann in the forest on a chilly spring afternoon and it felt like she appeared straight out of the woods, she was so in touch and sensitive to both the woodland surroundings and our personality as a family. A very down to earth photographer who made us feel at ease and like we were meeting an old friend. The images she captured are just magical, I imagined we would have some lovely family pictures to create memories of this time for us but they are so much more than that."

"She has captured the atmosphere of the woodland and the feelings of quiet before something beautiful is about to happen like spring time on its way and our beautiful baby on her way to meet us. There would have been a time where I would have shied away from looking at myself in this way but Ann's images made me feel strong empowered and beautiful as a mother, some of my favourite images are the ones of my bump and the little stretch marks and my arms holding my little boy,  details I wouldn't have noticed if we did not have these beautiful photographs. They are images I will always treasure. Thankyou"~Rose

The end of our session greeted us with the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen, the perfect ending to the perfect afternoon.