I cannot believe it has been over three months ago just a couple of days before the winter solstice ago that I got to meet little Juniper, what an incredibly special session it was and one that I will always remember. I had already had an incredibly inspiring maternity session with Beccy in the forest when she was 40 weeks + 2 days pregnant. She was definitely ready to meet her daughter although she didn't know she was having a daughter at the time and she had to wait another two weeks.

At 42 weeks + 4 days Beccy finally birthed her third baby, Juniper into this world in the comfort of her own home surrounded by everyone that mattered to her.  And just a couple of days afterwards I was invited in to document this incredibly fleeting time in their life, one of the most sacred times we get to experience as mothers which is also my absolute favourite times of all to document.

We all just chatted and relaxed with each other following Junipers lead, and during this session she mostly just wanted to nurse and be close to her mama. My newborn sessions can sometimes take a little bit longer than a normal session because if we want to get a bit of variety that can take time. One of my favourite things to witness is the love between both parents and their new baby, I love seeing the new dynamics unfold and the love was overflowing in this house, I just sat back in awe of them. Juniper chose her parents well.

I don't know about you but isn't seeing a new mama with her sweet little super fresh babe one of the most beautiful things in our world?!?

Through both the bump and newborn shoots that she led us through, Ann maintained a beautiful balance of professionalism and warmth. Her approach is fluid and adapts to both the wants and needs of the subject as well as her own creative meanderings, if the situation allows or is called for. For someone who has grown into adulthood being afraid of the camera, Ann made me feel very at ease, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her.-Beccy