I love observing the way that the beautiful tenderness unfolds in a mama's heart and I am forever honoured to those who allow themselves to be vulnerable with me. There is something truly powerful that happens when you allow yourself to be truly seen by another person.  When I first showed her some of the photos one of the first things she said was "I absolutely love the one of my scars, now, I never thought I would say that." That is what these intimate sessions are all about, they can be healing and an empowering experience.  I had asked her if she wanted to write some words down about her postpartum body and this is the beautifulness that she shared with me:

 "I dont think that I ever valued my body, as it deserved, before I was pregnant. That's when everything changed, I felt sexy and confident, in my new and changing body. I think it was knowing just what an incredible feat it was achieving each day that made me love it so much. I initially felt unsure of my postpartum body, but it too, has done so much. It has carried 2 babies and after 2 sections, it tells that tale. My daughter has made me love this new body, she strokes my stretch mark's and says they are silky, she calls them my tigers. How could I not love something that has safely carried and delivered the most precious things in the world."


She also wrote a beautiful testimonial for me: "I had a wonderful session with Ann and my little boy, Thomas. I was a little nervous before she arrived, not knowing what we would do and that Ann's style is so beautiful and raw. Taking my clothes off in front of someone after, in my new postpartum body also daunted me. I should never have worried. I found myself so relaxed, feeding him during the session, moving intuitively and just being with my baby. The whole session was so natural and relaxed, I would reccomend that every Mum does this. I have beautiful photos of my little boy and I, ones that would otherwise, just be memories as they are so personal. I will treasure them always."