This was such an incredible session and one that I will always hold close to my heart. As soon as I entered their home I felt myself be washed over with the most beautiful rays of love. I know how that may sound but it is absolutely true! The love between them was so palpable that it radiated outwards and bathed me in it too. I Am forever grateful for these two beautiful souls. 

Sharing space with this woman was such an honour, she truly makes mothering a beautiful art form. There is something so magical about watching a mother completely enveloped within the world of her child, I mean what is more sacred than the tender touch of a mother? 

I love capturing momets of stillness and moments of calm because in our everyday lives these moments do exist but they are fleeting and maybe even instantly forgotten. I want to help you remember those moments of peace and calm, those intense little moments of love, those little big moments where everything feels ok and right in the world.  

I asked her to share some thoughts about motherhood: "Mothering came easily to me as a child - cousins, neighbours, friends. I had the patience of a saint and enough underlying anxiety that enabled me to become very good at predicting accidents and mishaps. It was only when i had my first child that i realised that maintaining such a high level of “what-if “ (coupled with a collection of events and a partner who had not yet grown into fatherhood) would lead to trouble - post natal depression. 

I recovered after a dark time to see the beauty of motherhood and how it differed to simply mothering. It was like going from mono to stereo. Motherhood wasn’t about compliance or pacification. It was about the fire of individuality and authenticity! It was about making the right choices even if that meant making the hardest choices and in juxtaposition to that, it also meant tailoring life to suit us. I’m thankful for the lessons that my children have given me and i am truly grateful for every day, good and not so good, that i spend with them."