This month's portrait loop is all about artificial light, and for this I wanted to do something in nature with candles, they didn't turn out exactly the way I had planned but nothing ever usually does so I'm OK with it! After you've looked at mine please check out what my friends have created (it's a small group so it won't take you very long to go through it.)

This past week as the world is going a bit crazy, and feeling increasingly surreal, the forest has been my solace. Mother Nature has brought lightness to where there was heaviness, and peace to where there was anxiousness. My equilibrium has been restored. 

Whenever I spend long stretches of time in the forest I always get this feeling of being truly home, parts of me that I maybe had forgotten about start to come back to life, old memories are remembered and inspiration starts to flow. Mother Nature gives me so much and I am forever grateful for her magic and for all that we receive through her.


and next up is the amazing Leila Balin who I am feeling so grateful for at the moment, she's the one who started this little project and it's becomeing such a welcome thing for me to put my focus into especially now during these uncertain times