The alarm was set for 3AM and I am not sure I got more than 3 hours of sleep. I ended up doing bedtime with both of you last night in our bed and both of you said you wanted to stay there the whole night and instead of going into one of your beds to sleep I decided I wanted snuggles so slept in between you two but it meant I ended up barely getting any sleep at all. I jumped out of bed and made my way downstairs and had some coffee and got dressed and then went back upstairs to wake you two up and you were both being so incredibly sweet just snuggling each other not wanting to wake up. But within 5 minutes you were both downstairs getting dressed and choosing which toys were coming with us in the car. 

It's the Equinox today so that means we head to Stonehenge for the sunrise. As we stepped out the front door, we were greeted by a sky full of stars and straight away you were trying to find your own constellations. We were in the car by 4AM. You, Forrest were making me laugh because every song that came on the radio you said you lived which meant we had to turn it up a little more each time. Also you both needed a steady supply of early morning cookies. You, Nixie, were really enjoying the scenery and loving how the trees were making silhouettes amongst the sky and stars. We actually arrived at 5, 15 minutes before the car park was open and they wouldn't let us queue so we just waited along side the road until we could go in. Forrest, you were sad and kept saying that you didn't feel good and wanted to hold my hand. 

But once we were able to park and go to the cafe you seemed to feel better. We had the usual of vegan sausage and baguette well me and daddy did and the two of you just had a chocolate croissant. 

Afterwards we walked to the stones and the atmosphere was absolutely magical! The landscape was covered in the most beautiful fog and the closer we got to the stones the fog seemed to get thicker and thicker yet the sky was a beautiful clear blue. The two of you had to have your torches even though it wasn't necessary and Forrest, you had to stop to pick me yarrow flowers whenever you saw them. Nixie, you kept being super inspired by the flocks of birds you see in the sky and would excitedly point them out every time you saw some. 

I always love the energy I feel as I get closer and closer to the stones. The drumming getting louder and louder. We arrived at the perfect time and this was definitely my favourite morning at Stonehenge. The sunrise was magnificent. And I loved, you face, Nixie more than anything when you finally saw the sunrise from behind the trees.  The whole surroundings was so awe inspiring it made me teary eyed. I just love starting the day in this way. Afterwards we decided to have a wander to the centre of the stones. I had said to all of you that I was going to find Kate, that I just had a feeling we'd see her and about 5 minutes after saying that I felt Kate's hand and her voice saying "Ann!' It was just perfect synchronicity. It made me so happy to see her. The two of you were excited to be reunited with Leo and the rest of our time was spent hanging out with them and listening to the drumming, wandering around and relaxing and eating snacks. The energy we were surrounded by was so infused with love, it was the perfect morning.

When it was time to leave we all walked away from the stones together, and we said our goodbyes before getting on the bus back to the car park. But first we needed to go into the gift shop so you could each choose a magnet to put on our fridge. 

Once back in the car and on the road you both wanted to continue your harry potter audiobook while you, Forrest played with your giraffe and cygnet. When we got home the first thing you both wanted to do was play star wars with daddy but he needed to sit and have a coffee first so instead the two of you played with your magnet tiles. After a little while your wish of playing star wars with daddy was fulfilled. Star wars isn't my thing so I went upstairs and got some editing done and some other work and when I came back down the three of you were deep into your game. I wanted to do some sort of art together but none of you did so instead I went back upstairs and had a really amazing bath. Today was a day in my life project day but I was so tired that once we got home I barely took any photos. It's just one of those days! 

At one point you, Nixie left the game to go write a postcard to a friend and to do some painting. Then you and daddy went to the shop to get a few things and you came back with a star wars magazine for yourself and a ninjago magazine for Forrest. By this point I had joined you, Forrest for a little game of Super Mario Brothers 3D world. We were too tired to do any sort of cooking so Domino’s pizza it was. And then shortly after it was bedtime and I think I managed to not even read a full page of our new book The piglet called Truffles before you, Forrest were sound asleep. I snuck out of your bed to say another goodnight to you, Nixie and daddy before going to bed myself.