Both of you fell asleep in my bed last night. Daddy was in London yesterday so we had stories in my bed. When daddy got home he moved you, Forrest, into your own bed but Nixie, you ended up staying while daddy slept on the sofa downstairs.  You did wake up way too early, before 5 asking if it was time to get up. You made your way downstairs and started doing some craft projects and I managed another couple of hours of sleep and got up around 7. I woke up daddy around 7:30. But you, Forrest, were still asleep. 

My new morning routine has been checking and organising emails. I've officially started my Milk book project and the response I've had is amazing. 

Around 8:15 we needed to wake you, Forrest up and to do so daddy climbed into your bed for morning snuggles and then you, Nixie also joined them and the three of you created the sweetest love pile. But after that it was an incredibly rushed morning to get you, Forrest and daddy fed and dressed for our day out at Longleat. You, Nixie even wanted to miss forest school for it. It's a very special treat that daddy gets to join us. We have an annual membership and have been loads of times this year but daddy hasn't even been once! We left a bit later than we wanted to but were on the road by 8:50.  And as usual you both wanted to continue your Harry Potter audiobook. You, Nixie, brought your natural history book and have made a list for me of all the things you want to learn about and the one you want to learn about the most is spiders. And Forrest you were busy playing with some of the soft toys that you brought.

We actually arrived at the perfect time and were second in the queue to feed the giraffes. This is one of my favourite things! I just love giraffes and think they are such incredible creatures. Afterwards we went into the lemur enclosure and we met some of the sweetest and snuggly sheep and then we chatted with one of the keepers about Ida the 29 year old lemur who I think is the best and I just adore her tongue that always sticks out. 

After visiting some more animals we popped into the shop to get a couple of coffees and a couple of special drinks for the two of you before heading back to the car to get it ready for the safari. Whenever we do the safari, we take out the car seats and lay the back down so you two have that whole space and it’s something that you love to do. The only difference this time was that the car seats needed to also be in the back with you since I was sitting in the passenger seat this time. 

We had debated whether or not we should even enter the monkey enclosure since they always ruin something on the car and Nixie you kept saying that we didn’t need to go and I could tell that daddy was torn. In the end we did go through it and within 5 minutes they destroyed our rear windshield wiper! But still, we do so love them even if they are a bit of a pain!

We continued through the safari and when we finally arrived at the deer feeding you, Forrest, were in heaven. Honestly if you could feed them all day long you would be the happiest little boy in the world. I just love how happy it makes you and this time you even tried to feed them just a couple of bits at a time so that it would last longer. You were also loving it when they would put your whole hand into their mouth which caused the absolute best squeals of joy.

When we entered the Amur tiger’s enclosure we found her sleeping in a spot in the sun and the two of you were trying to roar your loudest so that she would wake up but unfortunately it didn’t work. We had some really amazing sightings of the pride of lions and were in absolute awe of them. When we made it to the wolves enclosure once again you tried to howl as loud as you could so that we would get a reaction from them and I like to think we did because as you were howling they turned their heads! 

After the safari we drove to the walking part of Longleat and parked our car. After a quick toilet break we headed to see the anteaters, then another of my favourites the aardvark and then into the meerkat enclosure which you, Forrest, were especially excited to go to. Afterwards we went on the train and Nixie you were doing your best nightjar impressions and I was super impressed by how realistic they were! 

Then we walked past the dino ride and immediately you, Forrest, wanted to go on it and daddy got a bit emotional seeing you go on it all on your own since the last time he was here with us he needed to go on with you. It’s really crazy how quickly things change and how fast you are both growing up!

Next we headed over to the animal talk and encounter area. You both always love going to these things and today you both raised your hands and were chosen as volunteers where you had to each sit in a chair and then choose a number and then find out which creepy crawlie you would get to hold. And today you both got to hold some very special creatures: Forrest  you held a giant African land snail and Nixie you held an incredible Macleay’s spectre which we fell in love with &  learned that they didn't need a male to mate and can clone themselves to lay eggs and that it takes the eggs 1.5 years to hatch but that they actually make a great pet! So now you both want to have one. 

After visiting the sloth, also one of our favourites, we went and saw the crocodiles, the sea otters, the koalas and red pandas and then went and stood in the queue for the boat ride. It just so happened to be the last boat ride of the day. Nixie, you wanted to sit in the back so that you would be able to enjoy things for the longest which I thought was so sweet. Although you, Forrest, ended up really sad and disappointed because they had run out of fish and didn’t have any to sell and you had really been looking forward to feeding the sea lions. 

When we got off the boat the park had closed so we weren't able to go to the playground or the gift shop which also made you sad but luckily it didn't upset you too bad. We made our way directly to the car and got the car seats back in and then I drove us home while daddy was in the passenger seat. It’s funny because for some reason I never drive if daddy is with us so it felt good to do so!

When we got home the first thing you, Forrest, wanted to do was build with your magnet blocks. Nixie you played a tiny bit of star wars but then you wanted to build with blocks too.

We had the simplest of dinners: cheese on toast but as usual you Forrest didn't want to eat. It took you about 20 min before you even had a bite only to say it was yummy after being so adamant it was yucky.

Then we headed upstairs for teeth brushing and bedtime stories. You, Forrest, and I just finished reading The Wild Robot Escapes and are waiting for the third book to be released so in the meantime you chose to read A Lamb Called Lucky by Helen Peters which I thought was so sweet because  I loved reading them with Nixie. You were extra snuggly tonight too.

And Nixie, daddy snuggled you to bed and you guys also started a new book; Star Wars The Force Awakens. .