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Woke up around 6:30 with the best cuddles from both of you this morning.  Love this part of our day,  I truly appreciate these little moments of calmness,  of warmth and love before the day begins. Nixie you are so excited that today is the day we get to go on our mini holiday. Forrest you decided to get up and get me a book to read to you this time it was red fish blue fish and afterwards you proceeded to pack all of your books into a bag for us to bring with us. 

When we made it downstairs, you guys had breakfast where Forrest, you, spilled most of it and I sat and had my morning coffee before I began the final bits of packing. I forgot how long it takes to get everything ready for camping.  I had thought we'd be done in 30 min and your dad laughed at me. I also forgot how stressful it is with a little 2 year old trying to undo everything!  You two had your own ideas about what needed to come with and it took some convincing and negotiating for you guys to leave things behind.  

Once we got the car packed, before we took off you, Nixie, had to check out your two new wobbly teeth in the mirror, I can’t believe you’re up to your 4th now! You lost your second one the day after your bday and it happened to happen at forest school which was not a great experience for you, you had been so upset that I wasn’t there when it happened but the tooth fairy came and she’s been leaving you dinosaur teeth which you think is pretty amazing!  We were finally on the road by 10:40. We passed so many beautiful yellow fields, they seemed to be everywhere and they made all of us so happy, you, really wanted to go run through them and take photos. In the distance I noticed some big dark rain clouds and I realised that I had forgotten to pack any waterproofs! The weather forecast showed no rain whatsoever but the sky was telling us something else. As we arrived at Durdle Door it was pouring down so we all hung out in the car for a little bit until it stopped which wasn’t very long. 

As soon as we stepped out of the car Nixie, you, found a pound coin on the ground and we all thought that was a good sign that we were all going to have a beautiful day! We had a few hours before we could check into our pod so we decided to walk over the hill to Lulworth Cove and get a bite to eat.

I had almost forgotten how incredibly beautiful it is around here, both of you had looks of awe when you saw our surroundings. The last time we were here I was pregnant with you Forrest. This place holds a lot of memories for us, me and your dad had come here and camped in our itty bitty hiking tent before either of you were born and I'll never forget our last night as we were walking along the beach when a little boy maybe 3 or 4 years old just ran up to me and hugged me and told me matter of factly that there was a baby in there (while pointing at my belly). Me and your dad just looked at each other secretly hoping it to be true. The following day on our way home back to London I bought a pregnancy test and that was when we first discovered that you,  Nixie existed!  It felt so so good to be back here as a family especially after such a strange year. It's made me really appreciate everything so much more. You,  Nixie loved exploring the steep hill right next to the path and I loved seeing you so happy,  you led us to some incredible view points where you were pretending you were a bird. Forrest you were also loving every moment but needed a lift on my shoulders for parts of it. As we made our way down Nixie,  you didn't want to take our advice and slow down and had a fall and really hurt your knee,  luckily we came prepared and put some of our magic healing salve on it,  immediately afterwards you felt better. 

We ended up just having some chips and cold drinks and daddy bought a Dr. Pepper which you ended up tasting for the first time.  You had to do it in secrecy and hid behind his chair while you tasted it, it was really cute and afterwards you gave us a thumbs up. Forrest you were busy playing on a table that had been tipped over next to us.  Nixie you wanted ice cream so after we finished our chips we went and got ice cream too.  Forrest you loved running around looking at the toys at the shop next door and trying to secretly jump the long queue. We had completely forgotten to bring beach toys so we ended up getting a couple of things for you both. 

We finished our ice creams just as it was time for us to head back to the car so that we could check into our little camping pod at durdle door holiday park.  This time I had to carry you Forrest all the way up the hill,  it was exhausting! But you were being so sweet caressing my face with your little hands and giving my head the sweetest kisses,  I want to always remember these little moments.  Once at the top of the hill,  you wanted boob and I needed to catch my breath and rest for a little bit.  Daddy carried you the rest of the way to our car. 

It took us a little while to figure out where our pod was  (because of the virus they only allow self check in) but when we did the look of excitement on both of your faces was priceless!  As soon as we unlocked the door you Nixie excitedly exclaimed "I'm already used to this place!  I love it here!" which made my heart so happy. Once we unpacked and got ourselves settled in we headed to the beach to have our dinner. 

Forrest you wouldn't stop jumping in all the puddles,  you had the sweetest look of mischief on your face right before you would jump into them.  You were making all of us laugh.  It took us quite a while to make it down the steep hill to the beach because you wouldn't stop sitting down in the middle of the path with your lobster toy picking up stones.  I learned to never let you have your lobster toy until we are at the actual beach! Daddy & Nixie were way ahead of us. As soon as you, Nixie, saw durdle door you were absolutely amazed and said "wow, i didn't know nature could do art like this!!" 

Once we climbed down the stairs which you really loved doing we headed to one of our favourite spots by a cave. Nixie you immediately took off and started to explore our surroundings and climbing the cliffs,  it was incredible to see what a great climber you have become!  I felt completely at ease,  completely trusting that you know what you can and can't do.  I could really see how grown up you have become, you remind me of myself especially the way you'd climb up somewhere high and just sit there,  completely relaxed just taking in the view.  I really loved seeing you in these moments of stillness. And Forrest you had your moments of stillness too,  I kept turning around to find you laying down just relaxing in the sand.  While the three of us explored and climbed and searched for sea glass (which by the way has become one of our most favourite things to do! It's like meditating, it is sooo relaxing!) daddy made dinner and hot chocolate. 

Food always tastes better outside and to be able to eat while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean as well felt so perfect.  I could just feel my heart bubbling up with so much joy and love! Forrest you were more interested in the hot chocolate and didn't really eat and Nixie you ate but you are so fast just so you could continue on with your climbing. At one point I decided to join you up on the cliff and since you Forrest really wanted to come too,  I brought you with although it did create a lot of fear in me because it was a pretty small ledge for us to be on but we managed just fine even if it wasn't one of my more relaxing experiences,  you really loved it which made it worth it.  When we got back down,  you, Nixie, had taken Forrest's uneaten noodles and put them on the rock to feed the crows and it was at this moment that you,  Forrest finally decided that you would eat your dinner!!! 

When it was time to head back to our pod I had to carry you on my shoulders up the stairs and the hill,  I don't think I had anticipated what a work out I would get!!

Due to government restrictions the showers were still closed so after we got back we got ourselves ready for bed and had some of the best evening snuggles ever. Bed was a bit tricky since Forrest you didn't want to go to sleep, I had actually thought you'd be asleep within seconds since you didn't have a nap but I was wrong. You'd almost fall asleep but then get back up again. For the past few weeks now your bedtimes have shifted, if you sleep during the day you won't fall asleep until 21:30 but if you don't nap then you're usually asleep by 19:00 but for the past week or so that hasn't even been promised and there's been more and more days where you've hadn't had a nap and you still won't fall asleep until after 20:00! I think it's a combination of you beginning to cut out your day nap and also the longer days.  What I do love though is that now we have story time every night, at the moment you are loving Zog. Eventually I managed to get you to sleep by holding you in my arms and dancing you (another thing I've started having to do these past few weeks!!  At least my arms are getting stronger!) while I was doing this you Nixie and daddy were drawing with your magic markers. 

When Forrest finally fell asleep you Nixie were finally able to have storytime with daddy and the two of you looked so sweet together.  Afterwards you joined me and Forrest in our bed and daddy slept on one of the single beds and I don't think it was long until we were all fast asleep. 

And I can't quite believe it but this Day In My Life marks the end of another year, It couldn't have been a better day to wrap up my third year of this project !

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