Woke up all cosy around 7am with you, Forrest, being so sweet and affectionate. You gently climbed over me and made Kissy sounds to Nixie and then the two of you snuggled up together. I love seeing you two love on each other. We all stayed snuggled up giving each other kisses for about 5 minutes before getting up. 

Before making our way downstairs the two of you stopped to say hi to Muad'dib and daddy who was already working in the office. Forrest, you decided to comb him with the flea brush when you, Nixie, said he reminded you of Harry Potter because of the scar on his forehead.  When we made it downstairs you wanted breakfast straight away and I wanted my morning coffee.  You proceeded to get breakfast ready for the two of you yourself which you've been doing for the last few weeks,  it's so very sweet and actually gives me a moment to just sit and enjoy my coffee! 

Afterwards we played with your Schleich animals. Forrest, you are just starting to really get into them and at the moment you are drawn to the elephant, zebra and the orca. Afterwards we played with my camera and the self timer, with the two of you taking turns to press the button. 

Forrest you are making more and more sounds. You love to howl and say yum,  moo, moon,  and you and are in general becoming more and more vocal. As usual I cannot stop you two from raiding the apples, there seems to always be apples in your hands. We are also at a stage where if I'm sat on the sofa you Forrest only want boob,  but the thing is you no longer just lay there all still, now you want to stand up and do all sorts of gymnastics and I find myself always in a state of bracing pain! 

We did some harvest moon art work and this time I just tried to have you do the same thing as Nixie and you really loved being involved with us even if you just did your own thing.  You especially loved playing with the glue!  Oh and before I forget this you've just started jumping down from the sofa and it's something you are very very proud of. 

 For some reason today I felt like I couldn't move any faster than in slow motion. We needed to go to Waitrose for some food for our picnic today and then get us all ready to go meet up with our friends (Kayleigh,  Paul,  Zach & Rex) visiting from London. We decided to take them on a little adventure to a place they haven't been. Daddy dropped us off.

We met them at Acres Down and straight away all you kids ran off playing.  Forrest you try your hardest to keep up with them but you hadn't had your nap yet and were tired so I had to carry you most of the way. 

I had packed us so many extra clothes and had also put all of us into so many layers because the weather forecast said 14 degrees but the sun was shining and carrying you made me so sweaty I had to take off so many layers and you,  Nixie also became really hot so I had now a ridiculously amount of clothes to carry! We made it to the first of the viewpoints and hung out there for a little breather before continuing on our way to our picnic spot. 

This is such a beautiful part of the forest,  we just discovered this walk this summer and it's become one of our favourites. I loved seeing all you guys running around together and having fun. At one point you Nixie were pretending to be a horse with some of the ferns as your tail. When we did get to our picnic spot it felt so cold and was so windy we had to put our layers back on. Not the ideal spot for our lunch but we managed. Forrest you didn't want to eat anything I had brought but annoyingly somehow I had forgotten to pack our beetroot cakes, I had our cream cheese but not anything to put it on. Luckily kayleigh and Paul had brought a massive picnic so we were all sorted.  All you wanted to eat was their dried fruit. 

You guys found a really incredible tree to climb and Zach was climbing really high up into it which made you Nixie wanting to do the same but you were wearing wellies and couldn't really climb with them. You, (Forrest) and Rex really wanted to climb up too but you both had fun on the branches closer to the ground.  Nixie you kept climbing to a certain spot and getting stuck in the tree and needed to be rescued. You did this over and over!  

You,  (Forrest) and Rex had a bit of an issue with a certain stick that you both wanted. There were lots of tears and upsets from the both of you. While the two of you were arguing over a stick you (Nixie) and Zach were having the best of times playing in the ferns completely disappearing into them at times. 

As we continued on our walk, (at this point I had you (Forrest) in the wrap) we came upon a ditch with really high sides that you guys discovered made a really great slide! We spent ages there and you (Nixie), Rex and Zach had soo much fun,  the three of you all took your socks off and it was so sweet seeing the three of you climbing up and down the ditch. 

Daddy was meant to meet us after work and I had just finished telling kayleigh how amazing the what three words app is when I discovered that I had somehow given Kevin the wrong three words and sent him so far away! I felt so bad,  he ended up getting a proper workout because he ended up going on a run to us once I finally gave him the correct three words!

 When we were finally reunited with daddy it was already getting dark so we started to head towards our car, the walk was quite entertaining, at this point you were all getting tired and you (Nixie) had stopped wanting to listen to us and decided you were going to go through a big tunnel in the dark that went underneath our path even after we told you not to but luckily nothing bad happened and Forrest you were being so cute by shushing us and putting your little finger up against your mouth, you kept doing it and then wanted me to listen to something. We thought it was because you were listening for deer. Amazingly we made it just in time  to the car before the crazy torrential rain started! 

When we got home I finally got my issue of Juno!  Today was the day my piece about natural term breastfeeding came out!  So I had been feeling quite excited about it all day and have been getting the most amazing messages from some of the mums about it. Nixie really loved seeing it and was so proud of me.  I love her so much she's my greatest cheerleader! 

We ended up just having a quick dinner and then it was bath and bed.