After a week of 4:30am wake ups due to you, Forrest wanting numnum and then me unable to fall back asleep and feeling tired during the days I woke up around 7 feeling amazing and full of energy. It was a beautifully slow and drawn out getting out of bed kind of morning with the best snuggles from you both. Nixie, you really give the best full body snuggles first thing in the morning and it's seriously one of my favourite ways to wake up. The two of you were pretending to be kittens and there was a lot of meowing going on. Eventually daddy woke up too and joined us in our snuggle before we got up and made our way downstairs to make some breakfast. 

Afterwards we all got dressed and ready to go out and play adventure golf. We went to the dinosaur themed one at Mighty Adventures in bournemouth. We were meant to have had a booking which I didn’t realise but luckily they let us play anyways. Nixie, you were absolutely blown away by it and were so excited squealing throughout the whole game when you would see the next hole. Forrest you were being so sweet because when we arrived at one of the dinosaurs you really wanted to touch it and I said, "go ahead!" but you just stood in front of it saying to me, "I feel nervous!" and eventually you took little steps closer and closer until you finally touched it and then you proudly and excitedly said, "I did it!"  You have your own special way of playing which consists of you going directly to the hole and just putting your ball into it or just trying to put it in. You did really well though and managed to stay with us the whole time. It was pretty busy and there was a queue and we did feel a bit rushed but we still had an amazing time. Nixie you did really well and I love that this has become a new thing that we can all do together, it’s something that I used to do as a kid with my mamma!

Once we finished the course we sat down on some picnic tables to have a little picnic. There was this dinosaur scull sculpture that you both could climb on, Nixie you managed to climb on top of it and then enjoyed hanging on to its teeth. You started to get a bit giddy and then all of a sudden you fell landing on your knees and hurting yourself really badly but luckily there were no serious injuries. You just got really scared. Forrest, you were so concerned about her and wanted to give her big snuggles to feel better. You just always want to be near her and had become sad earlier when she wanted to play and you wanted her to sit next to you while you ate. 

We made it to the car and at first you, Nixie just wanted to go home, saying your knee hurt too much and you wanted a plaster. But then we said we'd stop by the shop to get some straight away before deciding where to go next. 

We ended up going to Hengistbury head and stopped for some ice cream and fed the starlings. Such beautiful little birds. Walked up to the hill and enjoyed the views. It was so beautiful, I kept having these moment of "oh my gosh we actually live here!" We live in such a beautiful part of england. Nixie you were amazed at the rocks and proudly declared that they were sedimentary rocks. Forrest you wanted to be carried off and on the whole way but right before getting to the top you wanted to walk even though you struggled but you made it to the top. I do so Love holding you though because you get really lovey dovey and whisper little I love yous and other sweet things into my ear and get so snuggly putting your cheek against mine. I'm so aware of the passing of time and how quickly you are growing up and how soon moments like these may just be a memory. I'm trying my hardest to savour every little thing. 

We made our way to the other end and walked down the stairs to the beach and had some doughnuts. Nixie you were off exploring on your own, you are becoming more and more independent it feels surreal at times. Whereas Forrest, you love to just sit next to me and listen to the waves and stare out into the horizon. Nixie you loved jumping down the sand dunes and then you decided to take your socks off and play in the water.  You are so vibrant and free and it really is the most beautiful thing, you are full of the most incredible power, you kept reminding me of a lioness today.  There was a lot of sea foam and it created the most fun for the both of you. Forrest you were really funny and kept walking super close to the edge and then running away from the waves, you were playing a little game. 

At one point you, Forrest, were enjoying writing in the sand with your fingers, completely in your own world oblivious to your surroundings when daddy had to save you from being completely covered by a wave. You became so upset that your artwork was gone and didn't want to accept that the wave took it.

As we got nearer to the car you no longer wanted to walk and wanted daddy to carry you like a baby, you even almost fell asleep. 

Surprisingly neither of you fell asleep in the car on the way home. But I was exhausted when we got home! But in a good way, in a weathered way. I started dinner as soon as we got in and the two of you watched a show on your tablet. Then while dinner was happening you, Forrest, had a special delivery of your new puzzle and you couldn't wait to play it. And you mastered it in a very short time! You are really getting good at them now. 

After you finished doing various puzzles you had a bath while I read a book to Nixie but while waiting for the water to be ready you joined us for a little bit. And then once your bath was finished it was time to get everyone's teeth brushed but you did not want us to brush your teeth and kept trying to hide from us.  Once we were all finally ready for bed daddy & Nixie said goodnight to you and I love your little bedtime ritual of needing a hug on your head and also some kisses and then daddy and Nixie need to do the same to me. Tonight Nixie you  had a story with daddy and actually fell asleep in your bed in your room while I read to Forrest until he fell asleep.