Me and daddy had set the alarm for 7:00 so that we could make hot chocolate ready for us to go to the beach early this morning. It's not very often we are up before you guys! But within about 30 min you were both downstairs and helped us make it.

We were in the car by 8:15 but had to de-ice the windows before we could go. For some reason the two of you are getting on eachothers nerves this morning. Forrest, you were getting upset at Nixies counting and Nixie, this just made you angry wanting to do it more shouting, "you can't control me!" Luckily your annoyance with each other was short-lived. You, Nixie started to write down all the numbers instead of shouting them out and also words that are in your head, like "atom" I love how these days everyday you are asking how to spell so many words.

When we arrived at the beach we were greeted with the most beautiful light! It made me feel so happy and inspired and felt so incredibly uplifted. This time the tide was out and we could explore the Barton clay beds and I must have had beginners luck because I found the most incredible shark tooth, it felt so meditative sifting through the pebbles. We did find some more but not as amazing as the first one! 

At one point the tide all of a sudden came in super fast where we were sitting and covered you, forrest and daddy and my camera bag in water miraculously it or anything got wet thanks to waterproofs. We moved a bit further along and enjoyed our hot chocolate.

Forrest you absolutely loved it there and did not want to leave, you loved showing me all the treasures you found and putting them into our box and you especially loved watching the surfers and want to be able to do that when you're older. Nixie you kept finding little pieces of sea glass but you ignored us when we told you not to climb into the clay because it was dangerous and lo and behold you got yourself stuck and covered in mud and I had to help pull you out. And then daddy had to help wash you off. 

It was such a gorgeous morning and feeling the sun on my face just filled me up. I could have stayed for hours but Nixie you had a wee accident and so we had cut our adventure short to head back home. Forrest you loved letting the waves wash over you and at one point you even fell over thinking it was the greatest thing ever. I felt really bad for you became you were having so much fun and were not ready to go home at all. Your leg is obvious getting so much stronger now because you were able to climb these rocks back up the path and able to walk up the entire hill to the car and you were the one who wanted to.

On the way home we stopped by Gregg's for some vegan sausage rolls. Forrest you really needed to do a wee so while I ran in daddy helped you and you ended up weeing on the cars wheel which you were super proud of.

Once home you, Nixie wanted to listen to bad religion, Manu Chao and terika and the two of you had a dance party. I had wanted to do some art projects with you guys but you had no interest whatsoever and wanted to play with your slime. After a couple of hours we decided it was way too nice to be inside so we got ourselves dressed again and headed out to the forest. But as we left you, Nixie had the biggest upset because we didn't bring anything to drink, you raged and raged and then Forrest you joined in. We ended up going to the co-op to get us something to drink and I'm not sure what's going on with you, Nixie but you are full of anger at the moment and you are extra sensitive, when daddy went in to the shop you had another explosion and I didn't deal with it too well and got a bit frustrated and raised my voice at you. You had the biggest cry and said I hurt your feelings. Forrest was upset about it too and I felt really bad but when you stopped crying you were so sweet Forrest and asked "you ok now?" And when you replied yes he just gave you the biggest smile.

And now you Forrest can do your own knock knock jokes and it's just the best thing ever. Nixies taught you her favourite one knock knock who's there's? I did ap ? I did ap who? (I did a poo) as we were driving you just blurted out I love you mummy..and I said I love you, I love you most and then you just gave me the sweetest smile. You really are such a caring, thoughtful, wise little boy. You amaze me.

We went to acres down car park and walked up the hill and found some beautiful gorse in bloom and foraged some so we could make some Cordial. You both helped me and daddy, it's one of those tasks where you need to he really patient because of the painful thorns that always manage to get you. 

Forrest you found all of us walking sticks and had so much fun playing in the puddles. Announcing so excitedly more puddles more puddles. You kept collecting sticks and stones and for everyone you loved you'd say keeping this one. Oh look poo! What do I do?!

Nixie you were being very mothery with him which is really sweet. I can't believe how chatty you, Forrest have become! We can now have proper conversations with you and it's the best thing ever. I love asking you things and actually getting an answer back and I love hearing you say "Nay! Nay!" Whenever you want Nixie and Nixie, you are for the most part so patient with him always adoring him and helping him.

And forrest you walked so incredibly much today! It’s the most you’ve walked since you broke your leg. It feels like our adventures can finally begin again. Today was a day where it felt we were getting our life back! 

When we got home, after taking off all of the wet clothes the two of you continued your dance party to terika, a band we discovered when we were learning about madagascar.
We  started dinner and the two of you played loads and at one point forrest you hurt your foot….again…you’ve been hurting yourself a lot lately but at least it was the other foot. Nixie you are having lots of big emotions. I had to go upstairs to put away laundry and i could hear both of you in the toilet so i opened the door to see what you were doing and i saw the sweetest sight, you nixie were on the toilet reading to forrest his train book and forrest you shoved me right back out and wanted to be left alone. It made me laugh!

After dinner which amazingly you, Forrest, ate loads of the two of you continued dancing to music before it was time for your bath. You both were very excited to use your red teddy bear bath bomb which turned the water a deep red and you, Nixie, declared you were having a blood bath! Eventually we managed to get you both out so we could read stories and fall asleep.