Well it wasn't one of my best sleeps I've ever had, I woke at 2am due to you, Forrest having a little wee accident and I struggled with falling back to sleep. Although I did get to have lovely snuggles with you and Nixie. I'm not sure when you, Nixie, went to bed as you had a star wars night with daddy. You watched episode 3 , I love how this has become a thing for you two! Daddy has literally waited years to be able to share his love of star wars with you! And this new love of yours was awakened at the very end/beginning of this year when Oscar & Cam were playing with their lightsabers and then again when Cam shared his love for it with you. Anyways I only half slept and when the clock turned 4, you, Forrest, became wide awake and wanted to go downstairs so down we went. I made some coffee and then I turned on Zombies 3, since you had been wanting to watch it with me for the last couple of days. We also watched zombies 2 and then I was hoping to snuggle up with you and try to get some sleep but you wanted us to take some self portraits so in a half sleep state I grabbed my camera, tried to find my remote button but realised I must have already packed it, then went to grab the tripod only to realise that one of you had removed one of its legs and I can't put it back together because you seemed to have misplaced a part to it! But I managed to set the camera up on a table. You absolutely love morning snuggles and are so affectionate, you love to do cheek to cheek and nose to nose and just love wrapping your little arms around my face and I don't ever want to forget how magical it feels to be loved by you. After our photos with my camera then you wanted to get some of us with your tablet and you told me you wanted them to be, "extra snuggly".

Then you grabbed one of your many bags which you have filled with all sorts of random things and found a dinosaur stamp that had never been opened which you then immediately wanted to play with along with wanting to draw. I've packed most of our life away but I did keep out some sketch books as I knew they'd be needed. You still sound super sniffly and I have now become worse with my cold/sore throat, everyone I know seems to have gotten it so it was really just a matter of time for me! 

Around 7:30 I tried to wake up you, Nixie and daddy but it wasn't an easy task as you were both in a deep sleep snuggling with each other. But we had decided that I was going to drop you all off at Holland's wood this morning before needing to head over to our friends house to drop off some old baby toys. 

Daddy came into the lounge and the first thing he said to you, Forrest, was “I love you Forrest!” Then you said, “I know you do!” Then daddy said, “I want to tell you I love you a million times!” and then you had the sweetest expression on your face and said, “today??” And daddy said, “yes! but would you get bored of me saying that so many times?” and you said in a very excited way, “no!!!!!” It was sooo cute!

Nixie finally came down and then had a quick breakfast and got dressed. Afterwards I dropped you all off at Holland's wood then I went back home to get the toys and dropped them off at our friend's house in Mudeford. Then I had the most gorgeous drive through the forest back to Holland's wood where I got reunited with you all. I couldn't believe it but you, Forrest had cycled all the way to the end of the tarmac path! You have finally mastered the pedals! You were so excited to show me and said, “Mum! Look what I can do!” as soon as you saw me.  You have started calling me mum rather than mamma the last couple of days and it sounds so weird! I'm still hanging onto mamma and trying to have you keep saying it instead of mum, I'm really not ready to be your “mum”!

I'm so amazed at how quickly you're getting the hang of it, yesterday daddy took both of you here so that I could get some more packing done and it had been almost a year since the last time you tried your bike, the last time the pedals were just too hard and yesterday it was a struggle but you made it to the first toilet block and back in about 4 hours but today you made it all the way to the end of the tarmac and back in a couple of hours. So much progress! Nixie, you are so sweet too whizzing past shouting “You can do it! You can do it!”and “I'm sooo proud of you! And well done!”

At one point me and you, Nixie tried to see if we could spot any frog spawn in our usual places but no luck yet and when we returned to the tarmac you, Forrest were having the best time going over the speed bumps which are your absolute favourite. Every so often you had to stop cycling just to come and give me a hug and tell me you love me. Also you are really into telling jokes. Such as what would a tree do if it ate rotten eggs ? It would get sick.

Around noon we headed back home for some lunch. The two of you wanted toasted croissants. Plain cheese for you, Forrest and vegan ham, cheese & tomato for you, Nixie. I couldn't believe it but you each had two each. There was once a time when you, Forrest, refused to even try this lunch and it wasn't very long ago! While you both ate, I nipped out to Waitrose to buy some snacks. 

We've been obsessed again with shark tooth hunting, ok I have been obsessed again with shark tooth hunting but luckily you both love the beach. The beach has been such a soothing place for me this past week, I've been really feeling called to it. There's so much going on in our lives at the moment and the sea has the power to just dissolve all my stress and anxieties. Everything has to do with moving and the house we are buying. I never realised what a stressful process it can be. The uncertainty if everything is going to work out or not. At the moment we are waiting to get confirmation for our completion date which has been hoped to be Feb 14 but we are still waiting for our seller's seller's to confirm. We've just been packing up everything but it would be great to have an actual date as it feels quite anxiety inducing not knowing! But I just need to be patient. 

We drove to our favourite beach for shark teeth: Highcliffe beach and parked by the cliffhanger cafe. We were also meeting our beautiful friends, Kelly, Cam & Lois there but we arrived before them so made our way down to the beach and told them to find us. I think we had only been there maybe 10 minutes before we saw Cam running towards us! I absolutely love the friendship all of you have between each other, it’s so incredibly beautiful and I always feel so blessed seeing the four of you together. You all had the best of time running around on the beach and eventually running around in the water and I was pretty amazed that Cam was really into it too! The only issue was that I hadn’t brought any spare clothes, in hindsight I realise this was a really dumb idea but I had asked you, Nixie, if you were going to get wet and go into the sea and you were certain you weren’t going to after how it made you feel last time and i took your word. I should know better though and have brought spares, luckily I did have some for Forrest that you were able to squeeze into.

It was so blissful just sitting amongst the pebbles with Kelly & Kevin sifting through the sand looking for shark teeth. On this day though I didn’t have much luck and it was Kevin who had the special eye! He kept finding them one after the other while me and Kelly only found a couple of small ones.  Lois managed to find a small unicorn horn which was very exciting and then a short while later so did Kelly. Forrest, you, loved getting all muddy and full of clay but did not like so much when daddy had to wash your hands in the sea. Eventually it was time to start heading back. The sun was setting and we were presented with the most glorious sunset! Everything felt so incredibly magical and then just as we were leaving the beach I looked behind us to see that the moon was rising as well so we all just stood there watching in awe at this beautiful spectacle of nature before finally making it up the hill and back to the car park where we said our goodbyes.

It was dark when we drove home and when we arrived home we were all very tired, too tired to cook so we ordered dominos pizza and while we waited for it to arrive the two of you had a quick bath. Then we watched an episode of Alien Worlds as requested by you, Forrest while we ate.