It's the spring equinox today!! I woke up ridiculously early at 2 am and decided to get up, but I felt wide awake. Our alarms were set for 3 so I think it was that anticipation of needing to wake up and worrying I'm going to miss the alarm that actually got me up. By the time it was 3 I was all ready, had our bag packed and even made hot chocolate for our sunrise picnic at Stonehenge. I felt bad waking you both up, you were both sound asleep but managed to get you both dressed pretty much before you were fully awake. Tonight was our second night of no boob during the night and tonight you didn't have any at all!

When I carried you down Forrest you gave me the best koala snuggle and as soon as we made it into the lounge you wanted to play with your puzzles. When you Nixie came down you just gave me the best morning snuggle ever. I just woke up feeling extra love all around me. I felt so happy. 

We made it into the car by 3:50 and that was even with stops to admire the beautiful night sky. She was filled with twinkling stars and her moon was shining ever so brightly.

Forrest, you were so sweet in the car saying, “I see the moon shining”, I just love it and I love hearing your reactions to the songs on the radio and you saying I love this song or I love her voice. This time it happened to be to Nixie’s favourite song. “House on fire”.

We arrived at Stonehenge around 4:50 before the gates were open and waited in the queue. Once we got out of the car the cold felt a bit overwhelming for the two of you but especially you, Nixie. We went into the cafe for a quick bite to eat and then started to walk to the stones. It was very cold. I didn't do a very good job of preparing for this morning whatsoever. You all had several layers but you, Nixie needed more and you were just cold and miserable. You had tears and big upsets about just wanting to go home. It wasn't the morning I had imagined! Forrest, you refused to walk even a little bit so I carried you the whole way. And when you saw Nixie being upset it made you upset too saying you also wanted to go home and get cosy. Once we got closer to the stones, we began to hear all the music and drumming, the drumming is always my favourite part of being at Stonehenge. We arrived just 10 minutes before sunrise and the energy felt really peaceful and beautiful. As soon as the sun began to rise I felt really emotional, but happy emotional, I felt such happiness and hope and excitement about this coming year. I love the state of being I am in. I feel really happy and at peace at this point in my life. The only thing that needs a bit of a change is the sleeping part of my life but that shift has already begun. 

I think experiencing the spring equinox at Stonehenge is my favourite so far. It's very calm and not as many people. And just feels really special. Although it was hard to really be present and enjoy the energy I was feeling because you both were struggling. You, Nixie still just wanted to go home and were not in a good mood whatsoever. I tried cheering you both up with hot chocolate and our homemade cookies but it didn't work. We had a quick wander into the stone circle and immediately I could feel the drumming as if it was within my body, it was amazing. I really wanted to just be there and experience it. I was hugging you, Nixie and trying to make you feel better but then you just really broke down into tears and my heart really hurt for you, you were so out of character, so straight away we started to head home. I was worried maybe you were coming down with something. This time we took the shuttle bus back and walked through the gift shop where you, Nixie got a little fossil dig kit, quite perfect timing since our current topic is all about fossils. And Forrest you got yourself a lollipop. But just as we were getting to the car, you, Forrest fell and your lollipop broke and you were devastated. So the three of you ended up going back to the gift shop to get another.

When we got home it was only just after 9:00 and the two of you went straight up and into the bath using one of your special bath bombs from lush. While you guys soaked me and daddy warmed ourselves up with warm drinks. Then I started to clean and organise the tadpoles, we have our first froglets so we needed to make an incline and have some space where they can sit. Nixie you came and joined me and asked if you could do the second tank all on your own, I was proud of you! The only thing I did was rinse the dirty water out. 

We've been jarring a lot. You are going through a phase of not listening to me and I'm finding it quite hard at times but I know now that this is usually because you have undergone a developmental leap and I haven’t caught up with all of your internal changes.

Forrest, you were  upstairs reading with daddy and wanted a nap. I actually thought you might fall asleep with him but you didn't. You called me to come up saying you needed me and then you had some NUM NUM as you call it and fell asleep pretty immediately. It felt extra special for some reason, I feel sad about needing you to stop during the night so during the day I'm really cherishing these moments with you.

When I came back down, Nixie, you had pretty much finished the tank and then you wanted to do your fossil dig kit. And I decided to bind some books for our next topic unit which I'm super excited about which is spending more time on early history. 

You spent an hour doing your dig kit and it made you so happy, you told me this is one of your most favourite things to do. I just love your excitement and enthusiasm, it rubs off on me! 

Then we decided to finish our ammonite necklaces and you made them so beautiful and colourful, I really love how they turned out.

Daddy came down with Forrest just as we finished the necklaces and we got ready to go to the garden centre to get some seeds. You, Nixie, really wanted a cactus so i told you to go choose one. This upset you, Forrest, terribly because you wanted one too. But you had already gotten to choose a heather plant the last time we were here. As we wandered through the store you went and grabbed a big pink plant saying you needed it but in the end it was the ranunculus that won your heart and I couldn't say no to you. 

When we got home we all started planting the seeds together and it was a really lovely time. The two of you really loved it. 

Neither me or daddy felt like cooking so we ordered Chinese which has become one of our favourite takeaways. 

After dinner we watched master chef jr. which you, Nixie absolutely love and it really inspires you to want to be a little chef too. Afterwards it was time for bed and you and daddy read stories together while I put Forrest to sleep and then once he was asleep you joined us for nighttime snuggles until you were asleep too.