I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve done an entry for this project! A lot has happened since the last post. First of all I changed my mind with trying to wean you, Forrest from having boob at night. The night of the spring equinox was the last night I tried. I decided that by trying to change that part of our lives I was getting even less sleep and it is obviously still something that is very important to you and I didn’t want to take that away from you. Knowing you are my last, and that this journey will eventually come to an end anyways I no longer feel the need to rush it. We seem to go through phases where my sleep is affected a lot but then other times it doesn’t seem so bad at all. 

Also the day after you, Nixie and daddy tested positive for covid so we had a houseful of poorly people for a couple of weeks. I ended up getting it a week after you two. And at the beginning of April daddy found out he was being made redundant so it was a fairly stressful and uncertain time. He had loads of interviews going on during half term which meant the three of us needed to be out of the house in order to guarantee that the house would be quiet for him. Although we all had the best time together going on endless adventures. 

Now we are already in the month of May which I can’t quite believe and daddy has just signed a new contract for a new job  which doesn't start until May 16 so we have a bit of unexpected family time which couldn’t be more perfect since it happens to be your (Nixie) 7th birthday next week!

And yesterday Forrest, you had your very first official day at forest preschool! And you just went in straight away and waved goodbye saying you wanted to stay until 4 even though they are only open until 3. You had the absolute best day. We were told you had one little wobble after lunchtime and your bottom lip started to quiver and you told us it was because you missed me but when they asked you if you wanted me to come get you, you got up and said no, no,no, I don't want mummy I don't want to go home! You blow me away with how grown up you seem all of a sudden. When it was time to pick you up you didn't want to leave.  It felt so incredibly strange to have time with just daddy (although it was spent with him needing to do a lot of paperwork for his new job!). I really can’t believe both of my babies are now at forest school, it’s going to take a little time for me to know what to do with myself!

So that’s what has been going on but I also need to mention that you, Forrest, have also gone through a big shift and have been learning your numbers and letters. I had asked you if there was anything you wanted to learn about and you straight away said “to write!” so we’ve been doing a lot of practising how to write your name.  

And today you, Nixie happened to wake up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so I ended up getting up with you. It's not the best timing since we are having a long day out at Longleat for the day. The last time we were there you had just turned 3! Forrest you got up around 6:30 but weren't very happy when you realised Nixie had already had her breakfast and you cried your eyes out because all you wanted was to eat with her and then you also got upset because you had already done your morning wee and couldn't do it with daddy. Sometimes it's really hard to help you let go of these disappointments.

We were on the road by 8:30 and Forrest, you were being so overwhelmingly cute, you turned to Nixie and just randomly told her "you melt me", I really thought my heart was going to burst! Another thing that makes my heart happy is how whenever a song comes on the radio that you, Nixie, like, your whole face beams with such joy! 

It took us about 1.5 hours to get there and when we started seeing the signs for Longleat the two of you started getting so excited. Our first stop was the African village and I fell in love with the giraffes, they (along with orangutans) are my favourite animal. Then we headed to the lemur walk through and there were some special kind of sheep there who you both had a chance to stroke. And then we came to the lemurs and Forrest, you loved them and one came pretty much to touching distance of you and daddy, he ended up jumping up on one of the little posts directly next to you and you thought it was amazing. For some reason you, Nixie, were in a rush and just wanted to move on. Afterwards we stopped to see the tortoises and then you two really wanted I've cream and even though it felt too early for ice cream we said yes. 

Afterwards we all got back into the car to begin our little safari tour. Not needing to be in your seatbelts was a huge highlight for you both! Right at the beginning we got to see some ostriches sitting on their nests with actual eggs! You, Nixie, were absolutely amazed at how big they were and it felt like such a special thing to be able to see. But our favourite part had to be the monkey section, even though our car took quite the battering! They managed to rip off part of our roof rack and the bit of the back window that squirts out the window washing liquid! But I have to say it was worth it just to see both of your faces! Both of you were having fits of giggles whenever a monkey would climb onto our car, one ended up even coming face to face with you, Forrest which you loved! There were so many mamas with babies clinging to them or breastfeeding and we really just loved watching them, I think we were with them for at least an hour before moving on. Other memorable animals were the two humped camels, and I fell in love with one of the white ones, he had such an amazing presence. You both also really loved the lions, tigers and the cheetahs. Nixie, you, really loved the Longleat app and going through the quiz questions for each animal. 

Another highlight though was when you both got to feed the deer and they seemed especially hungry but we learned a lesson to not try to just feed them via one window because there was one very impatient one who did not get the memo and couldn't understand why we weren’t opening all of the windows and ended up jumping up on our car and leaving some scratches. I loved seeing you, Forrest, have all of these first experiences. I still remember how amazing it was for you, Nixie when you were here for the first time. 

When we finished the safari we headed to the main square and we went to see the meerkats and it was amazing to be able to see them run right next to us. Then we went on the river cruise and got to see the hippos and gorillas and even fed the seals! You, Forrest loved doing this and was so impressed when one of the seals caught your fish right in its mouth! From here we headed to the Lorikeet walk through which you, Nixie, have told me was your favourite part of the day. You both loved feeding them and I was so impressed with how gentle and calm you, Forrest, were when they all climbed on you. You guys loved it so much I had to go buy more bird food! And Forrest you were trying to feed each and every one. 

Then we went to see the beautiful koalas, and Nixie, you were a bit overwhelmed with their very strong smell but as they are your favourite animal you eventually got over it. Forrest, you started acting a bit unsettled and we realised you needed a poo but you and daddy didn't quite make it on time but luckily I had packed extra clothes. While you and daddy were dealing with that, you, nixie went on their little rhino ride…this time you could go on it all by yourself which you loved the last time you were Forrest's age and had to ride with daddy. You went on it 2 times before Forrest and daddy came back and then you, Forrest wanted a go so you went on with me and then a couple of more times with daddy. But unfortunately when we headed to the playground which you had been waiting for all day long it was already time for the park to close and you were devastated. I really felt so sad for you! And instead we headed to the car to make our way home. 

You, Nixie, fell asleep within minutes of sitting down. I really can't believe how amazing you were all day considering you didn't get much sleep at all, I had actually expected there to be a lot of upsets but there wasn't even one! Forrest, you fell asleep too but it took you maybe half an hour. Once we got home I managed to transfer you from the car straight into bed. Nixie, you had woken up and wanted some macaroni and cheese.

A letter arrived about preparing Forrest for school and we all giggled and laughed as we ripped it up and put it into the recycling bin. Then we all got to talking about the day you, Nixie were born and we all got a little emotional including you and it was beautiful.I reminisced about the first moment I got to hold you and breathe you in and how hard I worked to get you earthside. Your eyes welled up a little and you just rushed up to me and gave me the biggest hug and then you asked if I would read to you tonight. I can’t remember the last time I read to you before bed! The last three weeks we’ve all been doing bedtime together and it’s been amazing but I have been missing reading our chapter books. Tonight you wanted to start to read Seekers again and I couldn’t be more excited, it’s one of our favourite books! I read about two chapters before you were sound asleep.