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I Woke up around 7 with both of you wrapped around me, Nixie you were the first to get up and then Forrest you wanted some morning boob before asking me to carry you and 4 stuffed animals downstairs. You did your morning wee only to start crying in the middle of it when you realised you weren't doing it with daddy. It's really hard to help you let go of upsets once they start at the moment but Nixie, you were amazingly calm and managed to redirect his focus by wrapping little chocolate sweeties into tinfoil. 

I feel so happy today and can't stop smiling over what a beautiful day we all had at your friend's birthday party yesterday. We didn't get home until late and just seeing all you kids playing together and all the home ed families connecting just felt so perfect ♥️ And also it was daddy's first week at his new job and it's been a bit of an adjustment as he was in London a couple of times (it was hardest for you, Forrest, only because you don't get to do your morning wee with him!) but I know you will be ok and get used to it, he will only need to go into london once a week going forward. It was also your second day back at forest preschool which you still loved and I had my first day completely on my own which felt super strange but also really good! And Nixie, you had your very first day of Brownies which you absolutely loved. It's been a week of a lot of little adjustments but it's been a really good week.

Today I spent the morning tidying a bit because it was starting to feel way too cluttered for my liking and then I can't function properly and while I was doing this the two of you were playing together with your animals in your room. Daddy didn't get up until 9:30.

It took you two ages to get dressed because you were busy playing with your Playmobil toys which I had put away in the closet but the two of you discovered them and are now super into Playmobil again. You cannot see the floor of your room so I'm not entirely sure how you can even set it up and play with it but you seem to find a way.

Once you were dressed you, Nixie, went to the kitchen to make you and Forrest a lunch by making sandwiches and filling your lunchboxes with treats. It seemed to take you forever but eventually we left the house but didn’t make it further than the backdoor because we discovered a spider that had just caught a bee and we were all a bit fascinated by it although we felt really sad for the bee! You two did think it was a bit creepy, especially you, Nixie which I do find a bit strange as you were always someone who loved to hold bugs and even kiss slugs!

Once we were all in the car I drove us all to one of our elderflower spots to see if we could collect enough to make some cordial. It's the earliest we've ever picked any before. You both really loved having a go at grabbing some with daddy's special elderflower sticks he makes, our usual one had been lost and it was the most perfect stick so he had to quickly make some new ones. We even saw a bright blue beetle amongst the flowers but when we tried to get it closer to us it flew away. 

It felt so beautiful out today!! The sun was shining and it just made me feel really happy. It's also the first day of my cycle which is always usually a pretty good day for me. I loved seeing the two of you run around giggling and helping to collect other flowers for pressing for a project we are working on. 

After we collected enough elderflower, I realised we were running super low on petrol so we went to the gas station and it was my first time filling up the car with daddy in it! I’m still getting used to the idea of driving daddy around but I’m quite enjoying it! The two of you really wanted mystery fanta and I just couldn't say no, I'm in quite the yes mood today!  Afterwards we drove by the library to return a bunch of books and then we went to the garden centre for a few things. We had promised that you, Forrest, could choose a new plant and you chose a Venus fly trap even though you said it creeped you out a little. Then Nixie you felt left out and really wanted to choose another plant so we said ok and you chose a beautiful Maranta leuconeura. 

When we got home we started making our elderflower cordial and pressing our flowers. You, Nixie, were really into helping with the elderflower until you got really bored and said it was too hard to leave the green stems out so you just left and went upstairs with Forrest to play with Playmobil. While I finished preparing the elderflower (which felt like it took forever!) daddy was out in the garden repotting our plants.. 

You two came down and hung out with daddy while I made dinner. Neither me or daddy felt like cooking so we are just having frozen food which included caterpillar chips your favourite.  You both love woodlice and have made them a special home and discovered that they actually can walk under water! Forrest you kept picking them up very lovingly and saying hello little guy.  Nixie, you helped daddy repot your plant. But Forrest you were getting a bit giddy and dancing and being a bit all over the place and fell on her plant and broke two stems which made her really sad. I had asked you if you had names for your plants and Forrest, you thought about it for about 3 seconds and then told me your venus flytrap was named Heartbeat and Nixie, you named yours Cholula and also came up with a name for your cactus; Spirit.

You really make me laugh Forrest, you still don’t like to eat that much at dinner although you have been eating a bit more and don’t seem as picky as you once were. But lately you have this game you like to play where you ask one of us if we can feed you like a baby and then when we get ready to bring the fork or spoon to your mouth you quickly turn your head away all the while giggling like crazy. It’s so cute! But you end up actually eating so much more than you ever had by playing this so I’m all for it!

After dinner we went for an evening walk. As we were driving through brockenhurst we had to stop for some horses crossing the road and there was a foal. Nixie, you observed that it was in fact a boy because it had a very big penis and then Forrest, you said, “yes he is, he has a willy like me!” and the conversation continued to you, Nixie comparing Forrest’s penis to the foals and you said they were both pretty much the same but the foals was a lot bigger. It was the funniest conversation to listen in on especially as it went on for quite a while!

We parked the car then had a lovely little walk along the heath, it was a beautifully warm evening and the two of you enjoyed seeing all the horses and crossing the streams. You, Forrest did keep trying to get one of us to carry you and I’m really trying not to because you need get used to walking longer distances which you actually already do really well but whenever we say no, Nixie, you jump in and end up carrying him every single time! You really like to feel like you are taking care of him, there was even a part where we had to walk across a small piece of wood to get across a stream and you were so determined to be the one to guide Forrest across even against daddy’s wishes.  We didn’t stay out very long because we wanted to get home so we could start a fire and roast marshmallows and make some smores.

You, Forrest were so tired but managed to stay awake the drive home just so you could have your smores. And as soon as we made it back into our garden daddy started getting the fire started. I absolutely love fires but we don’t have them nearly enough! I’m going to make a vow right now to have them a lot more often!!  It wasn’t long before you both could start to roast your marshmallows and they were extra special giant ones and seeing each of you trying to cram the smores into your mouths was one of the best things ever! I really thought after one that you would be full to the brim so I was surprised when you both managed to eat two of them! Once you, Forrest, had the last bite of yours, you immediately wanted to go inside and get cleaned up and head upstairs for bed. Nixie, you weren't far behind. 

I was a little bit surprised at how smoothly bedtime went considering the crazy sugar rush you had! Over the past few weeks bedtimes have been a really peaceful experience and have been really lovely. It’s changed from how it used to be, now we all do bedtime together, and it’s either me or daddy who reads but at the moment daddy has been your number one choice and after a few books the two of you fall asleep all snuggled up with me and either I fall asleep with you or I get up and hang out downstairs with daddy which is what I chose to do this night!


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