We woke up around 6:30, well Forrest you had been half awake for about an hour having boob which has been your usual for the past couple of weeks. I thought I heard Danni and Lowell going downstairs so me and you and Nixie got up too.  They were leaving in just a few hours so we wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible hanging out with them. Lowell has taken a liking to all of our dinosaurs which was so sweet and you,  Forrest, didn't mind at all that he took over your toys, the two of you finally started interacting more just as it was time for them to leave,  so typical! . 

We all had such a beautiful morning together, the three of you spent ages looking through all your dinosaur books and continued to play with the dinosaurs, bubbles & some puzzles too. Nixie, you have really loved having them here for the last two nights and so have I, it has truly been the most incredible time and we are all sad to see them go but we have already made plans to visit them. I had forgotten how much I love having people come to stay, it was the first time since before the first lock down that we had guests!  I was a bit worried about how you would handle saying goodbye as you had really bonded with them,  (Danni has now become auntie Danni) but even though I could feel your heart so heavy and I knew you were sad you handled it so amazingly, I think you gave them at least 20 big goodbye hugs! 

After they left we decided to head to Marwell Zoo, I wanted us to do something extra special in case you were feeling sad and plus Forrest had never been!  Just as we left the house you said the sweetest thing. You said,  "maybe we could drive in the same direction they did for the same amount of time that has passed since they left so that we can see what they are seeing right now?" I just love the way you think! 

We left as it was raining out and doubted that our decision was the right one but it turned out to be the best day out!  The weather made it so that there weren't that many people which is always a bonus and we experienced so many moments which I don't want to forget such as when we were having our picnic lunch next to a field of ostriches and zebras and one of the zebras rolled over and then you,  Forrest ran to the grass and mimicked what we just had seen. I loved seeing your little face in absolute awe when you saw the tiger,  the leopard, the rhino,  the snow leopard, and how you seemed especially drawn to the lizards and reptiles and how you couldn't stop watching the snake necked turtle. Nixie, you told us your favourite animal was the rhino and also one of the lizards. You were missing Lowell though and kept saying throughout the day that you wished he was with us that he would have really liked the tiger. You are even already asking how many days until we get to see them again.  I just love your big little heart. 

The both of you absolutely loved all the different playgrounds and I was super impressed with how well you can climb these days! At one of the bigger playgrounds you were determined to go up this particularly challenging bit to get to the really tall twisty slide but you struggled,  you kept trying but couldn't quite figure it out and then an older girl asked if you needed help and you said yes and she guided you telling you where to put your hands and feet and you made it to the top,  it was such a gorgeous moment!!  After that you fell in love with her and just wanted to hang out with her and it was a bit tricky to get you to leave with us but luckily we were all headed into the same direction (the rainforest house) so we were able to get away from the playground!  Even you,  Forrest, weren't that thrilled to move on because you have a love for the slide and didn't want to stop.  I would have loved to stay longer but we didn't have that much time until the park closed. 

Oh gosh one of the biggest memories from our day though is probably your new obsession with the disinfectant hand gel!! They were scattered everywhere throughout the park and I'm pretty sure you managed to squeeze each and every one!

We didn't get to see all the animals or play in all the playgrounds before it closed but it didn't matter because we were all having such a happy day. Forrest,  you even picked up two little daisies for daddy and counted uhn (for one) and ooh (for two).

When we finally got to the car park we were pretty much the last people to leave. And as soon as we sat down in the car the exhaustion hit all of us!  Both of you ended up falling asleep in the car, I couldn't believe it,  I can't even remember the last time that happened! 

When we got home I managed to carry you, Forrest into bed without you waking and you ended up staying asleep all night. You,  Nixie, daddy and I ended up having such an incredible evening together just the three of us.  I think it was long overdue actually and we had such a beautiful dinner together just chatting away and then we decided to have a family movie night and watched The Wish Dragon and it was so good,  I absolutely adored watching all of your happy expressions throughout the movie, it was just so beautiful. 

Afterwards you and I went into the family bedroom where I massaged you to sleep and ended up joining you a bit later.