After we’ve chatted and decided on a time and date and you have agreed to my terms & conditions this is what you can expect from our sessions.
I was a little nervous prior to having my first shoot with Ann. However I need not have worried. Ann immediately put my whole family at ease. She was so relaxed and friendly. I was so comfortable and loved how it almost didn't feel like we were being photographed but more catching up with a friend. As soon as Ann sent the photos over I fell in love with them. They are amazing. Ann is an incredibly talented photographer. I would recommend to all.

There’s nothing that can compare to those first few weeks with your new baby. It is such an incredibly sacred time filled with such heightened emotion as you all adjust to your new life. It can feel like a whirlwind and having photos to document this time can be the furthest from your mind especially with all those sleepless nights but I promise you these will be the most treasured keepsakes for you and your family.  Those first few weeks will pass in the blink of an eye and your baby will change so quickly and that is why it is important to capture your baby's little details before the memory of how little they are fades away.


My absolute favourite time for newborn sessions is as soon as possible after their birth.This can be within 48 hours up to 4 weeks. This session is all about capturing intimate moments between you and your new family. Your baby will guide the session. I want you to remember that sweet baby smell while you held your baby in your arms, I want you to remember that indescribable feeling of experiencing new life in its purest and rawest form. I want you to always remember how tiny your baby once was. 

All you need to do is be yourself and continue with your routines and I will work with them documenting all the moments as they happen. I will also guide you at times so that we are able to capture some fine art portraits as well. Newborn sessions usually last a bit longer than my other sessions from around 2-3 hours in order to have a variety of images because we need to account for baby’s needs.

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