I have always wanted to have the opportunity to photograph a twin newborn session and when Charlotte & her husband Rob invited me into their home to do just that I was overjoyed! This was also my first at-home newborn session since lockdown and words can't express how happy it felt to be back in this space. OK so technically they weren't really newborns anymore, they were 9 weeks but since they were born a few weeks early this would make them 5 weeks if we corrected their age!

As soon as I entered their beautiful home all I could feel was a tremendous amount of love. Rob led me upstairs to where Charlotte and the boys were and she was still getting ready,  she apologized for not being ready but asked if it would be OK if she had a quick shower, and I said of course it is! it's definitely not an easy task being up all night with twins constantly nursing and then trying to be ready for a photo session without having had very much sleep! I took the opportunity to get some photos of Rob with one of the twins. 

We ended up spending most of our time downstairs and the twins wanted to feed for most of our session. I allowed our session to be completely guided by the twins and if all they wanted to do was feed I was more than happy to document this part of their story and I was so happy she wanted me too as well. I mean this is real life, this is what this day was all about for them and I believe it is so important to celebrate all the moments and phases. I loved seeing the support she had from Rob, he was there helping her get the right position and always made sure she was comfortable and if she needed anything. It is so important to have support when we are a breastfeeding mother and I think even more so when we are nursing twins ! I was in absolute awe of her, she is an absolute goddess and made it look so easy.

We did try to get some of the boys when they weren't feeding and we did manage a few but they were mostly just wanting to be snuggled up with their mama and having their milk. 

These sessions just fill my soul, there's something so magical about witnessing new parents with their new babies and I just cannot wait to have the honour to do more of these sessions.