It's the end of world breastfeeding week so I thought I'd put together a little blog post of some of my favourite nursing photos that I've taken. 

World breastfeeding week isn't here for the purpose of shaming anyone or to make mums who aren't breastfeeding feel bad about themselves.  It's sad that we actually need to have a world breastfeeding week to help open up a dialogue about breastfeeding and to help women get the right support. It is crazy that something so normal still needs to be normalised! 

For all the mums who breastfeed,  I salute you. For all the mums who pump,  I salute you. For all the mums who use formula, I salute you.  Whatever way you are feeding your babies you are doing an incredible job.

From a personal perspective, I have been breastfeeding for over 5 years now and it's such a part of my everyday that I can't imagine it being any other way.  From the moment when I found out I was pregnant I knew I was going to breastfeed.  It came very naturally with my daughter,  my firstborn. When my son came along it was also fairly straightforward but slightly more complicated as he refused to nurse on both sides favouring the right which would cause my breast to be painfully engorged and I would need to pump or if my daughter wanted to, she would nurse. The thing is breastfeeding isn't just about quenching thirst or hunger,  it's also such a source of comfort and I feel so happy that it has worked out for us because it has been such a blessing in so many situations! It's been a journey that's for sure and for the time being I think I have a few more years left of this journey. 

I have met so many mums who's breastfeeding journeys have been full of challenges and tribulations and I'm forever in awe of their strength and resilience to keep doing what they believe is right for their child, they inspire me and this post is for them. I hope you enjoy these photos and if you are a nursing mum yourself and would like to create some memories of this stage of your life, please get in touch! My mini-sessions in the forest which I'm running until the end of the month would be great for this, more info about them can be found here.