This month's theme for our portrait blog circle was flowers, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time because It's the time of year when the new forest is covered in blankets of beautiful pink and purple hues of Heather.  This is truly one of my favourite sights of the forest and I absolutely love having sessions amongst them.

It was also my birthday this past week and one of my gifts was a new lensbaby, they are some of my favourite lenses to play with (it's the second one I own now, I have both the edge 50 and edge 35) and here are some photos I captured of my daughter amongst the heather on my evening birthday walk.

The heather flower meaning is known for its hardiness, strength, and the ability to survive and thrive in harsh conditions (such as rocky soil, extreme temperatures, and volatile weather). This has led to its acceptance as a great symbol of solitude and perseverance and is a symbol of good luck. It has been known to lift the spirit and to bring about healing and I recently just read that Heather is a gateway between the conscious and the deep levels of the unconscious or the bridge between heaven and earth.  All I know for certain is that I love being amongst these flowers and they do have a way of making me feel happy.

If you would like me to capture some memories of you and your loved ones or just some portraits of yourself amongst the heather get in touch as soon as possible so I can book you in before the beautiful blooms disappear. I think we have about a couple more weeks until they start to change before the feeling of autumn is truly upon us (which also happens to be one of my absolute favourite seasons to photograph in). 

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