I woke up around 6:30 with noone laying next to me because I ended up sleeping in your (Nixie) bed last night due to both of you sleeping in the family room and I just wanted to be guaranteed a good night's sleep. 

Forrest, you came down around 6:45 and wanted to know why you woke up next to daddy and not me. Then you continued where you left off last night with your operation bat station and began putting bats on the wall. You are making a whole little bat scene on the wall and it's so sweet. You have included every family member (mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma etc ) and you even told me that one of the bats is even giving birth. 

You are so incredibly excited for today! Today is our Halloween party which was meant to be last Saturday but due to the stomach bug we had to move it today! I actually love that it's after Halloween and that we get to drag it out.

Daddy came down next around 7:00 and also continued with decorations. Shortly after you, Nixie came down. After breakfast we spent the rest of the morning getting ready for the party. It was a super rainy day so we had to wait for it to calm down a bit before hanging up our giant spider and spiderweb outside. The look on both your faces when you saw it set up was priceless! This was the only decoration you, Nixie requested. 

The party was due to begin at 14:00 so around 13:00 daddy did your (Forrest) facepaint. You loved having it done and sat ever so patiently until daddy finished. Daddy did such an amazing job and made you the sweetest little puppy I ever did see. I helped you, Nixie, get into your costume: Rae Skywalker and then it was me and daddy's turn to get dressed. This year I was a seagull and my costume was incredibly cosy and daddy was a Rhino ( my last years costume). 

The first to arrive were Kelly, Lois & Cam. Next came Chloe, India and Alba and finally Amy & Stormy. 

You, Nixie, were in your element and loved playing hostess, giving everyone their gifts and treats. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing so many games. First on the list was of course the pinata, daddy had made an amazing ghost one this year and it took you all ages until you managed to break it open. Once you all received your candy we all went back inside for more games: wrap the grown ups into a mummy, knock the pumpkins over with the tennis ball that is inside nylon stockings which is on your head and then a round of pass the parcel. We ended the party with some slime making and we were lucky to have India and Chloe's expertise. 

The whole day was just perfect, everyone had such a gorgeous time and it all flowed perfectly. The two of you both said it was the best day ever. I think we will from now on throw a Halloween party every year.

Once everyone left, we did a bit of cleaning and then the three of you played some video games. We kind of skipped dinner as everyone had stuffed themselves on snacks and candy all day. Eventually it was time for bed and it didn't take long for you, Forrest to fall asleep. You, Nixie, on the other hand took a bit longer and I'm pretty sure daddy must have almost read a whole book to you!