I woke up feeling absolutely incredible. After dealing with a migraine since thursday afternoon and it getting progressively worse yesterday I woke up with it completely gone. I did however have quite an early start and had set the alarm for 6AM because I had a photo session for my milk project at 8:30 in the forest and I hate rushing around in the morning. I need to still have my coffee and be able to lounge around a bit before I’m ready to get up and go. The two of you woke up at the same time I did and immediately you, Forrest wanted to play video games. I got breakfast for the three of us sorted and then got myself dressed and ready to head out. As I was trying to leave the house both of you bombarded me with kisses and snuggles. 

What a gorgeous morning it was too, the forest felt absolutely magical and I had a few minutes to spare before my session to breathe in the forest air and feel myself grounded into the earth. The session ended up being amazing and I even made a lovely new friend! I drove back home to you all and the three of you were all hanging out on the sofa. When I left daddy had been asleep.

I had been really wanting to hold George as just a few days ago she had her final moult and now has her wings but you are meant to wait a few days to hold them as they are very delicate after their moult. I just can’t believe how different she looks! 

While I was doing that a delivery came and it was a set of drawing pencils for daddy and the three of you went to the table to inspect them. You were both amazed at the different sizes of them all. Afterwards I needed to run some errands and you, Nixie, wanted to come with and it was so lovely just being the two of us! We still have not had our girls day out and we need to make it happen soon. This season of our lives feels very full and there’s just not enough time to do everything we want to do. 

As soon as we got into the car you began your car rainbow, something you love to do and it’s become a habit for you these days. You love the face there’s a pink car always parked near our house so that you are able to check that off everytime. Our first stop was Hobby Craft, all we needed to get were some mosaic square tiles for another art project but on the same isle where those supplies were you found a wooden treasure chest which you have been wanting for weeks and the lok on your face when you found one was just the sweetest and of course I couldn’t say no. we were both a bit shocked when we walked into hobbycraft though because it was filled with christmas decorations, already!

Afterwards we headed across the road to Haskens garden centre for some seed mix and vermiculite so that we can have a go at propagating our fern spores. The christmas decorations here were even more in abundance! And you thought that was crazy especially as they only had one little area of halloween stuff. You loved the section with the garden ornaments and did not want to leave, I think if you had the money you would buy them all and place them in our garden.

When we got home daddy was mowing the lawn and it used to be something that he loves doing but after today he was sad because it felt like a chore. He said the honeymoon phase was over. You straight away began painting your treasure chest. I needed to do some editing work and while I was doing this you came upstairs and wanted to practise taking a photo of me working and you were specifically practising how to focus on something while having the subject (me) blurry and you did really good at this! I really want to get you a dslr camera.I wanted to use one of those photos for this DIML but chose the one you took of Forrest with me in the background instead. 

I love how the two of you have been playing with your animals. Your current  favourite baby kitty, Custard has been strapped into a car with a seatbelt and a helmet. You, Forrest, have told both me and daddy that you also want to have a breastfeeding animal but  a puppy and that it needs to have more babies than Nixie’s. 

I love how at one point i came down from editing and the two of you were playing a game of ring toss (which you had created all by yourself using paper towel roll, magnetic tiles & pipe cleaners for the rings). 

As a special treat for dinner we ordered our new favourite chinese and as usual you, Forrest only like to eat the crackers and ended up having cereal  instead. You won’t even try the food! But maybe one day you will. We are fine with it either way. 

After dinner you, Nixie & daddy needed to go to tesco for a few things and while the two of you were gone you, Forrest discovered a little slug and wanted to hold it for a while. Then we went upstairs to look for puppies online. We have officially decided that we are getting a puppy! It is just a matter of when. 

When you, Nixie & daddy were back we had a family movie night and watched Monster High 2. When daddy had told you that he had found it for you, I wish you could have seen the look of excitement on your face! 

Afterwards we all went to be. You and daddy continued reading Star Wars and you, Forrest and I continued reading Mistletoe the donkey. It didn’t take you long at all to fall asleep all snuggles up with Nixie’s favourite kitty, Custard (she had so kindly let you have her for bed).