I woke up around 8, when you, Nixie came into our room to get dressed and I think you were secretly trying to wake me up because you decided to sit on the bed to put your clothes on nudging me the whole time. I got up shortly after and looked out the window to see yet another day of the rain and wind battering our windows. And maybe after another 10/15 minutes you, Forrest started making your way down the stairs. I can't believe you are officially sleeping in your own room now! It happened so suddenly after Samuel and Anita left. From that day (July 22) onwards you've been in your bed. The first night you woke up around 3am and I came to get you then the next couple of nights you woke up around 6 and cried for me in the morning but then after that you've been able to come down on your own! Some mornings you call for me to get you but mostly you are just doing it on your own.

After breakfast we headed to Hobbycraft to try to find some materials for our little robot nightlight project were doing tomorrow. But before we left you Nixie had to do your very last observation for your rust experiment. Forrest you were so funny in the shop wanting to carry the basket and then being determined you were going to lift it up to the till. Afterwards we headed to wickes to try to find a spring for the neck. My energy levels crashed and I felt so tired. It's day 1 for me. Then we went to the range because we forgot to get glue sticks. 

Once home the two of you jumped on the trampoline for a little bit while I gathered the supplies for our science experiment. Today we made a little cd hovercraft and then daddy and you made a balloon powered car, an experiment you really wanted to do with him. You still hate using the glue gun. You had gotten over it but then when we made our stone age mammoth hut you burned yourself again and now refuse to do it. You loved doing this project with daddy. Forrest you were busy playing with a small dowel, a ruler and a figure and they were having some sort of battle. It took a couple of tries to make the car work but it worked and you both loved it. Then it was time for lunch. A very late lunch. You and daddy were talking about the vowels in the welsh language.

It seemed to go on forever. Forrest you have a tendency to take forever during meals but today you were busy with pushing your penis inwards into your body making it diappear. You were fascinated that you could do this and thought it was hilarious. After a while you did stop but you still didn’t want to eat. We had all finished a long time before you even began. We tried waiting for you. But in the end i told nixie she could go start playing some video games until you were finished. But then you’d only eat if i fed you. I don’t mind though, i think it’s sweet and the way i see it is that you are just craving some extra snuggles. In between your bites me and daddy were discussing house decorating ideas and how we want to do the bathroom and the stairs and i’m really excited about turning our ideas into reality one day. I really want this house to be us! 

When you,Forrest finally finished your lunch you joined Nixie in playing starwars on the switch. Daddy went outside to do some DIY work and I went upstairs to the bath to work on my column and then even had some time to work on the book for my DIML project.

We decided we didn't feel like cooking but didn't want to spend money on a delivery so you, Nixie and daddy went to Tesco to just get some frozen pizzas for us. I knew neither of you would be that hungry anyways. While the two of you did that, you,  Forrest,came upstairs with me while I did some more on the computer and you practised around the world on our joyrider and then practised lifting weights. You were very proud of yourself and wanted me to really see how strong you are! 

After dinner it was time to brush our teeth and get ready for bed. Forrest, you thought it was funny to put my bra on and you kept calling yourself big boob man. It made us laugh. Then we were trying to get things moving along but you took ages to brush your teeth and then even longer to put the cap back on your toothbrush but you didn't want any help and had to do it yourself. 

We read three Mr.Men and then I massaged you to sleep. It didn't take long at all. You, Nixie and daddy were having a star wars night and I came down to have a peak once Forrest was asleep and you and daddy were all snuggled up on the sofa with snacks. You looked so sweet together. It had been a long time since your last star wars night, it was before camping!