I woke up around 6am to you, Forrest jumping on me and giving me your morning snuggles. I was not ready to get up at all and you really wanted me to but thankfully daddy got up with you to let me sleep a bit longer. I was so grateful! When I did make it downstairs it was close to 8am and you & daddy were playing your old wooden memory game in the dining room. 

Daddy told me I wasn't allowed to go into the lounge until Nixie was awake so even though I wanted to know why I knew there was some sort of surprise waiting for me in there so I went upstairs and did some work on the computer. Eventually you, Nixie, woke up and the first thing you did was come into my room and give me a big morning hug. Then I asked if I could come down and you said "not yet!" And you and Forrest scuttled into your room to do something. Another 30 min passed and I was finally allowed to come down and the two of you were adamant that I walk into the lounge first. And as I walked through the door I couldn't believe my eyes but there was a huge rainbow balloon arch with a happy birthday sign waiting for me along with some presents on the sofa! It looked absolutely incredible and I was completely surprised! My bday isn't until the 26th but we are away in Sweden then and you all wanted me to have my present now! 

And on the sofa the present of my dreams was waiting for me: a moth trap along with my new favourite heart covered coffee mug which you, Nixie chose for me. I have been wanting a moth trap for years so I couldn’t have been more excited! It was the absolute best morning surprise ever.  

Then the two of you had your breakfast and you, Nixie were straight into creating more squeegee art and afterwards the two of you rushed upstairs to have a morning bath just so you could use your new bath bombs. While you did this I took the opportunity to hang out with little miss George as she was extra snuggly today and really wanted to be picked up. I also had been given full control of Alexa for the day and was allowed to play whatever kind of music I wanted to and it was amazing! I rarely get a chance these days to listen to what I want to listen to.

Once you were finished with your bath we decided to make some flower candy lollipops while daddy went to the shop to buy some ingredients for my special birthday cake. We also foraged some more calendula in the garden and harvested some tomatoes. In between waiting for the candies to melt the two of you played in Nixie’s room and in the lounge. 

As per usual for my bday celebrations I always want to go somewhere for a walk and today I chose for us to explore somewhere we have never been: Canford Heath and it was super pretty! I really liked it over there.The two of you did too and you both especially loved the sand pits where you became engineers and tried to make a chair to sit in. It was such a beautifully windy day which made it the perfect temperature to have a long walk and the colours were incredible; there were purples, pinks and yellows and greens everywhere and it was an absolute feats for my eyes. 

When we got back the two of you played on the trampoline while daddy made me my cake and then I tested out my moth trap and got it ready for this evening. Then we had yet another snuggle with little Miss George and we discovered she loves to look at your (Nixie) artwork. Throughout the day there’s also been lots of dancing and Forrest, you have been wanting to dance with me by standing on my feet. For dinner we had all of my favourite guilty pleasure finger foods and then we had a family game of Luigi's mansion which was a lot of fun and you, Forrest and I were on a team together against daddy and Nixie and you were so incredibly supportive and if we happened to win the look on your face was pure gold and you’d give me the sweetest celebratory hug each time.  Around 19:30 we put out the moth trap for it’s very first night and then daddy got out the electric balloon blower upper and the joy it brought for a good 20 minutes was pretty extraordinary then it was time for cake and a family movie: Elemental before we all made it into our beds.