The first thing you (Forrest) want to do at the moment when you wake up and come downstairs is read books, you have turned into my little book worm. You love to bring me book after book , you just can't get enough of them! The way you snuggle up super close to me just makes me feel so blessed to have you in my life. You have such a beautiful heart. You and your sister also always find some moents for morning cuddles.

Our day started with an early morning outing to the heathland. The day before I had been out in the forest with my beautiful friend,  Adeola, for an early morning interview with a wonderful family for our project,  Birthing in a pandemic. It was absolutely awe inspiring with horses galloping through the fog covered land. It inspired me so much and I had hoped for the same kind of experience this morning but instead we were greeted to dark heavy grey sky's but even so it felt so good to get out so early,  and you both loved having breakfast in the car. Nixie, you can't stop drawing and need to have a paper and pencils wherever we go, on our short journey you drew me a little lion, I'm really loving your style! We had to be back home in time for Kevin to start work at 8:30 so it wasn't a very long outing but it still felt so good to get out first thing in the morning. I've also decided that at every full moon from now on I am going to get some photos of all of us as a family since we really don't have very many!  

I also started my moontime,  which I found quite auspicious with it being the full moon, my cycle hasn't been truly aligned with the full moon for quite some time. When we returned home we had mostly a very cosy day indoors.  More book reading, playing, lounging around, and lots of nursing sessions (You (forrest) are boobing a lot at the moment!)

We made some moon spell cookies and added some cinnamon to one batch for success and love and orange peel to another batch for joy and good luck. And Nixie you really warmed my heart when I saw you place your hands on the dough before putting it into the fridge and breathing your intentions into them. Whoever gets to eat them will feel very blessed. Although when I took them out of the oven they had all spread into eachother and ended up as one giant cookie,  but luckily they were salvageable after recutting them into crescent moons. 

Our mycelium project has grown so much and we now have proper Oyster mushrooms growing which excited all of us but I've now realised that there is no food left for them to grow, when they were at the pinhead stage I should have moved them but I didn't realise this until today, so I'm chalking it up as a great learning experience and lesson for next time we try!

When Forrest went to sleep, you, Nixie really wanted to take some photos so we set up my camera on the tripod and I gave you the remote and you had so much fun creating photos of me,  of us and of me and dad and then all three of us. But before we did that you had to go upstairs to "sleep" with Forrest for a little bit first,  you've been needing to do this for the past couple of weeks and it's so sweet.

It was a day of exciting deliveries.  My two books I created for my personal project,  a Day in my life arrived and I am so proud of them!  This project has truly been the greatest gift I've done for myself and our family.  You loved looking through them with me and I became very emotional going back in time remembering what life was like before Forrest arrived. I'm pregnant halfway through the first book and remembering all the love you had for my bump just made me feel all those beautiful feelings I had then all over again. 

While Forrest was still asleep you wanted to take me upstairs to show me all your recent drawings that I hadn't seen and oh my gosh I couldn't love them more, I love hearing about them and seeing your creativity really start to blossom! It's another one of those things that as a mama makes me all emotional. You did the most amazing picture of Forrest sweating in the desert and another family portrait of all of us where me and daddy are happy, you are surprised and Forrest is frazzled and you've also been doing so many drawings of different lifecycles. I just love your mind and heart so much!

I was feeling exceptionally tired and when you suggested you give me tattoos I was all up for it, any chance for me to just lay there and relax! You even drew me as a queen on my chest and I think it has to be one of my favourite tattoos you've given me so far!

You are still so very much into your playmobil toys and I love all the little scenes you create, it's like getting a little glimpse into your mind. I just had to take some photos of your set ups because I don't ever want to forget them!

When Forrest woke up the three of us just played for the rest of the day.  You (Nixie) were convinced you could run on air and kept trying to show me your new skill, and Forrest you were busy with a balloon and your books. But onr thing that made me so really happy was that you have really taken a liking to the little monsters I crocheted! Seeing you snuggle up with them and put them into bed and just love on them fills me with such pride that I was actually able to make something with my own hands that you guys actually love!

We had a cosy evening of watching a little bit of Planet Earth before  you (Forrest) became danger skog (skog means Forest in swedish and just a name we like to call you sometimes) and kept wanting to jump between the couches. After that it was bedtime and I ended up falling asleep with you in my arms as it was daddy's turn to put Nixie to bed.