I had a very broken sleep, I don't even remember how many times I woke up last night! You, Forrest were coughing so much still and  tossing and turning and wanting boob all through the night.

At one point I had both of you squished into me to the point where I only fit if I laid on my side. You, Nixie, started to wake up eventually and we had the best morning snuggle. Then you asked if I could massage your face. You told me how much you love it when I do. You and I actually managed to sneak out of bed without waking the boys around 7:35. You've been really wanting to play the maths game prodigy so I set that up for you in the office and I went downstairs to make my turmeric drink and morning juice.

You, Forrest and daddy didn't wake up until almost 8:45! I couldn't believe it, the two of you were so snuggled up. When you did wake up you wanted your "numnum". And amazingly you made it through your first night without nappies!! I asked you how it felt and you said "happy but a bit funny" after our cuddle we went downstairs  but first you did a wee and you've recently started doing them standing up. You are reaching so many milestones at the moment!  I needed to finish doing the dishes and make you breakfast (Nixie already had hers) you requested hummus and wraps and you actually ate it all and then had some yoghurt afterwards. Daddy was upstairs with you, Nixie, helping you with your maths. 

You, Forrest,  then went into the lounge and played with your magnets, which you've been doing so much of. Your vocabulary is just exploding at the moment too and after you built a tower you said, “I managed to build that!” I love seeing you so engrossed in your own little world and love seeing you get so excited about the things you make. And I managed to finally make my deodorant that I had run out of. Afterwards you helped me with making our elderberry tonic. A bit late for us but better late than never! 

You, Nixie and daddy were still doing maths three hours later! Which feels a bit surreal considering it's something you usually never want to do! And i’ve been starting to feel  a bit wobbly about it and have spent so much time searching for programs/apps/games I think you might like and then now all of a sudden you love doing maths. You and daddy were even adding triple digit sums together! Talk about a leap!

You, Forrest, are really loving our tadpoles and I can see that you are already quite attached to them. We call them our babies and we are on day 6 and already they are getting so much bigger, you can really see their gills now. 

Then you  and I played smelly wellies and it was the first time you've ever played a board game and you loved it and even won both games!  But you kept getting upset that your wellies wouldn't match up perfectly so you insisted I do it for you. 

I had wanted to go out for a walk but all of you were lagging and Nixie, you still hadn't gotten dressed after your morning marathon of mathematics! So I decided to go for my first bike ride of the year and almost in a year!! It felt amazing and I'm so happy I finally got over the procrastination of doing it. I feel like my life has changed completely since I started the cleanse two weeks ago. I just finished it yesterday but I want to keep going, it was more than just a cleanse. It feels more like a lifestyle shift  and I feel I am at just the beginning of feeling amazing again and back to myself. This is the year of taking care of myself. 

When I got back we all headed out again but this time to Holland's wood so that the two of you could go cycling. But before leaving you, Nixie had to finish your mood hearts which had a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other, you made one for all of us. I love all these little projecys you do! Forrest, you really wanted to ride your bike. You love the idea of riding your bike but you don't like practising so much because it's a bit hard for you and you kept running off to do other things but you did make some progress today and I feel it won't be too long now until you've mastered pedalling. Nixie, you loved showing us some of your tricks and showing us how slow and fast you can go. You also really love trying to help Forrest but in your enthusiasm you made him tip over because you kept wanting to push him even though we kept telling you to stop because he needs to practice on his own but luckily no one got hurt and no one got upset!

Then the three of us had a little walk over the heath and the two of you were being so sweet and Nixie you kept giving Forrest a piggy back ride and it just made his day. By this point I felt really cold and just wanted to get home and get dinner ready so we made our way back to the car.

When we arrived home you, Forrest,  refused to get out of the car if I stood near you and told me to “go away'' and even said “I'm not getting out if you stand there”. Feeling slightly frustrated I tried not to let it show and asked you “where can I go?'' and you pointed to behind the car so I did and then you got out. When we made our way inside daddy asked you to pick up your magnets that you had thrown all over the kitchen floor and you said “No, I don't want to.” Then I said, “ok I'm going to pick them up” and started to and then you got really angry because you wanted to pick them up so I had to put some back on the floor so that you could be the one to pick it up. If things aren't  just the way you want them, there's big big upsets from you, it's been getting a bit more intense over the last couple of weeks. The other morning you screamed and cried your heart out for 45 minutes because I wouldn't let you have cake for breakfast.

After dinner, Nixie, you ran upstairs to play prodigy on the computer again and you, Forrest, me and daddy played shopping cart and then Nixie you came down and joined us too. I'm loving that you're able to play games with us now!! And you are so into it shouting out randomly, “This is fun!!” And you do the sweetest little happy dances when you've gotten a match. After a couple of games of that, Nixie, you wanted to eat more dinner then you wanted to play Match these bones before heading upstairs for bed.