I’m not sure I slept that deeply last night as the excitement I'm feeling is pretty strong! I did however wake up officially around 6 being snuggled by the two of you, one on either side of me and then Muad’dib also came in to join us. You, Forrest were even laughing in your sleep, I wonder what you were dreaming about. It felt like the perfect way to start today. Even though me and daddy are still feeling a bit under the weather, COVID seems to have really wiped us out! I only just tested negative yesterday although I guess it couldn't be better timing. 

Today is a very special day. It is our last day here in this house, the place we have called home for the last 6 years. It was only meant to be a temporary place but life happened and we were still here after so many years. I love the feeling I have of waking up this morning knowing that I just had our last sleep in this house. 

But this calm feeling I had was shortly interrupted by you, Forrest, who had the biggest inconsolable upset because I wouldn't let you have cordial first thing in the morning. Luckily you were up for a snuggle which I knew meant that you would be open to a compromise so I suggested you have some soya milk and then some cordial later on which you agreed to. 

We started our morning with a little walk to poundland for last minute light bulbs and Gregg's for vegan sausage rolls and doughnuts. It was a very grey and wet day today. We've had such amazing weather lately and just as we are moving the weather decides to change. 

At 9:35 we got a call from Tina, our solicitors assistant at Mathews and Mathews that we have from a legal standpoint officially completed and that we now own a house! I couldn't believe it, it made me really unexpectedly emotional! I never thought I'd be one to say I own a house! It feels really surreal. We told the two of you and Nixie, you couldn't care less. We excitedly said to you, "We now own a house!" and you just replied  with "I don't care"🤣 and went back on your tablet which has been a bit of an obsession these past few weeks while we've been in a weird state of limbo with all of our belongings in boxes.

And at 10:40 we got a call that we could come collect the keys at 12. I feel like I am in a weird state of shock, I don't know how to explain it but I feel dazed.  Nixie, you are really having a tough morning. I feel for you and feel bad that I have such opposite feelings than you. You don't want to move. You feel so sad about leaving. I get it, this is all you've known for such a long time and it is this house that holds most of your core memories. When I was your age I had moved about 8 times so I think I've just gotten used to never being attached to a place in that way.

We had a bit of a struggle getting out of the house and into the car because you were so sad. You had such big emotions pouring out of you and you just needed extra time and extra cuddles. 

As we were driving the weather was a bit intense, the skies were pouring down so heavily, it was the kind of downpour where you couldn't see and the windshield wipers couldn't keep up with. I think you, Nixie, and the skies were insync. Your moods matched each other's. I could feel your sadness as we drove and all you could do with stare solemnly out the window.  My heart just wanted to reach out to you and wrap you up in all the love of the universe. Forrest, you, on the other hand were super excited about it all and couldn't wait to get to our new house. 

When we arrived at the estate agent we struggled to find parking so in the end daddy just stayed with the car while the three of us jumped out and rushed out to go get the keys. I had asked who wanted to get the keys and Forrest, you immediately jumped at the chance. It's quite incredible how being handed a little key can literally be such a life changing moment. All the overwhelm and all the stress over the past few months was all for this moment. 

We got back into the car and drove to our new house where some of your favourite people were already waiting for you. It felt really surreal pulling up into our driveway and being greeted by smiling faces and happy congratulations! I knew that you, Nixie, were really having hard time with this big move so I wanted to try to make it extra special by inviting some of your friends over for a little housewarming party! I love that we got to share this incredibly special moment of stepping into our very own house for the first time with our friends. I feel so blessed and lucky to have such gorgeous people in our lives! 

I think I was a bit shell shocked by the whole experience though and poor daddy was absolutely exhausted and still feeling quite poorly with his post COVID symptoms but having our house filled with friends felt so symbolic to me because I want this to be a place where friends are always welcome and a place where people gather. 

We hadn't told you that we had a trampoline in the garden as we wanted to surprise you, the previous owners had left it for us and when you discovered this you became so incredibly excited as you've always wanted one and you were both straight on it. I loved seeing the two of you with your friends running around like little wildlings in our new space, it really was so beautiful to me! 

We had also a pinata for you all to break open but we learnt the lesson of never to buy one from Hobbycraft again as it only took one hit to break it open. Afterwards we ordered some pizza and you all got to fill your bellies before running around like crazy again. The sound levels were incredibly loud and I couldn't help think that we were probably terrifying our new neighbours with thinking that all these children were ours! 

The two of you loved that you have your own rooms and hearing you, Nixie, say to your friends, "let's go upstairs into my room!" Just made me so happy. 

I really feel like we are going to have such a good life here! We do have a lot of work ahead of us to make it our own decorating wise and in the long-term we want to redo the bathroom and possibly get an extension and create a garden office but I just love the way I feel here, it really feels like home. I still can't believe we have two gardens, we can finally have the life I've been wanting, one where the two of you can be outside all of the time when we're home and one where we can really get into gardening and planting lots of food and where I can finally create my own medicine garden! 

Eventually our day came to an end and we said goodbye to our friends. I don't think I've ever been so exhausted in my life. I could barely speak! Daddy had gone back to the old place to grab some things along with bringing Muad'dib back with him and we couldn't wait for him to join us. He was pretty unsure on himself when he first got here but after a couple of hours he was right at home.

We hadn't moved any of our stuff in yet as that big process begins tomorrow morning so we blew up some air mattresses only to discover they were both broken so instead we piled up our Afghanistan pillows and put blankets over them and crashed out pretty much straight away.