Nixie, you were poorly yesterday and we weren't sure if we were going to take you to forest school but you seemed much better this morning and you really and I mean really wanted to go so we decided to take you. Forrest, you on the other hand was still pretty poorly, we started off the morning with trying to get you to breathe in some oils that we had put on a tissue to help you clear your chest a little but you just thought we were being strange. There was some excitement happening before taking you, Nixie to forest school and that was you and daddy'slittle apple tree that you guys managed to germinate from a seed from an apple you ate had grown it's 8th leaf! Daddy is very in love with it and being very precious about it. Usually me and Forrest stay at home when we take you to forest school but today we decided to make it a family affair because i really just wanted to get out of the house.

When we returned home you, Forrest and I played with some PJ Mask cars and you make the sweetest vroom sounds and you helped me with laundry, well you are obsessed with pressing all the buttons of the laundry machine, luckily it has a child proof lock on it! You also learned how to take your first self-portrait which you thought was great fun! Because you had fallen asleep for 10 minutes on the way home from dropping Nixie off you decided you werent tired and it took you ages until you were ready for your nap but then when you did finally fall asleep it was a short one because you are just too poorly to be able to sleep and just wanted to be held and cuddled so we went back downstairs and that's what we did, even if I just needed to go to the toilet it would make you sad and you would have to follow me with tears in your eyes. I hate it when you're poorly and when nothing can keep you happy. It was a day of mostly hanging out on the couch and taking calpol. You did have little moments of being happy though and you're learning how to use Nixie's magnetic board and I even got the paints out so you could do a little bit of finger painting. Nixie, you came home during our paint session and you were absolutely covered in mud! You always are when you come home from forest school and it's one of the things I absolutely love about you!

After I gave you, Forrest a bath to clean you up, you and your sister were being so sweet together just cuddling and kissing eachother, moments like these are my favourite, seeing the two of you love on each other just makes my heart want to burst. For dinner I was lazy and didn't feel like cooking so we had Vegan pizzas from Waitrose and I actually liked them! Afterwards it was another bath time for you guys and then bed.