And it's that time again for our Portrait Blog Circle! was really excited about this month's "Details" theme because capturing the little details during a sessions happens to be one of my favourite things. I can guarantee you that when you have a session with me your gallery will be filled with the little details of a moment. I believe that within the details are where so many precious memories and feelings are held. Sometimes we don't notice the details in our lives because we are so busy living that sometimes it is so easy to forget the little things but I want to help you remember the little things. 

When I went through my library of images to decide which ones I was going to choose for this post I realised I have a special fondness for capturing hands, feet, and little bums! I have an especially strong love for images of hands because i believe you can feel so much when looking at images of them. I can feel a mothers love, tenderness & strength through her hands and I love seeing the little ones using their hands to reach out or hold on tight it's one of my most favourite things to observe during my sessions.

Oh and on a side note I wanted to mention that starting from August 1st I will be taking bookings again for in home sessions which just happen to be one of my favourite type of sessions which I have missed so incredibly much! These are especially great for newborn sessions so if you are expecting or have already given birth and you would like someone to come to you so that you can just relax and be in your own space I would love to hear from you, you can find more information by visiting my Sessions page.

And now please go check my wonderful friend the amazing &  incredibly inspiring Leila Balin!!