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You, Forrest, came into our room and climbed on top of me to give me a morning snuggle (your way of waking me up) a bit earlier than I would have liked just before 6. So I climbed over daddy trying not to wake him up (It’s his birthday today!) and went downstairs with you. You and I got his presents laid out on the sofa all ready for him when he woke up. You had your morning breakfast of hoops and then I went outside to have a little look at our moth trap and there were so many dusky thorns all around our garden along with a jersey tiger which we just think is absolutely beautiful! I put a tea towel over the trap so that they were more protected until I could go out with Nixie to look at them properly. It wasn’t too long until you, Nixie, woke up and joined me & Forrest and then I noticed Muad’dib acting a bit funny by standing right in front of the door so I looked out the window and noticed that Foxy had done a poo right in front of our doormat (it was fresh too, so must have just happened) !! I think he was annoyed with us for not feeding him! So this prompted us to put some food out for him. 

The two of you were excited for daddy to wake up so around 7:30 you both piled on top of him for his bday morning snuggles. Then you made him get up and make his way downstairs so that he could open his presents. He couldn’t have been happier with his gifts: An egg maker from you, Nixie, a giraffe pillow from you, Forrest (which you had put soo much thought into choosing the day before) and a beginner fossil preparation kit from me.  Daddy still needed to wake up a bit and wasn’t quite ready for cake so you, Nixie also had some hoops for your first breakfast and then you and I went outside to check our moth trap. I love that this has become a new morning rhythm and I love that you are also so interested and are already becoming really good at IDing them.  After waking up a bit more we sang daddy happy birthday and had his birthday cake for breakfast! 

Afterwards, he went outside to do some gardening while I got our bags packed for our day out. For his bday outing he wanted to go to charmouth. But before we could leave he wanted to test out his new dremmel and luckily he loves it but says it'll take him a little while to learn how to use it properly. 

As we were getting things into the car we met a really loud and barky golden retriever who lives two houses down. He was actually very sweet but very unsure of people he doesn't know and chooses to just shout at everyone! I was super impressed with how both of you didn't react to him in a negative way and were able to stay completely calm and welcoming to him which then made him give you both snuggles and kisses.  Once we were finally on the road the two of you wanted to have an audio book on and today you chose Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. But you, Forrest didn't last very long and fell asleep. 

About an hour later we pulled up into our usual spot and parked our car. Before heading to the beach we had a bathroom stop and then a very quick look around the heritage centre. Today's purpose was really just to find magnets since we are now obsessed with collecting them from everywhere. Afterwards we grabbed our things and headed to the beach. Today we decided to make our base on the other side of the landslip. It was the perfect day for a beach day at about 24 degrees , not too hot at all and a bit hazy which created a really cool atmosphere. It was about 5 degrees cooler than at our house, so much more pleasant. This time we brought our new swished beach tent, you all had surprised me with it back in July but pretty much right after I got it the weather changed and welcomed almost a month of rain and gloominess but this week has been glorious! 

As soon as we were all settled we immediately began looking for treasure. Straight away I found the best ammonite I've ever found, it wasn't very big compared to what I see other people finding but for me it was amazing! And daddy found our first sea lily (this was pretty incredible because just earlier I had said that i really wanted to find one!). The rest of the day was spent with our heads down searching for treasure, going for swims, relaxing and taking in the views. Nixie you really are such a little selkie and just can't get enough of the water. It is definitely your happy place and this year you've gotten so much better at swimming.  Everything felt so peaceful today, everyone was in such a happy place. The only big upset that happened was when you, Forrest were running around with the chisel and waving it around super close to your face and daddy shouted at you to stop because he was scared that you were going to fall and hurt yourself. But I think you were in such a happy bubble and it completely shocked you so the upset felt even more intense. You came over to me and snuggled me in our blanket while you cried your little heart out. Daddy also came over and you told him he had hurt your feelings and he told you he was so sorry your feelings were hurt but he didn't want you to get hurt. You had thought he meant that you weren't allowed to have the chisel but he didn't mean that, he just needed you to be careful with it. I felt awful because it was all my fault, I had let you have it not thinking anything about it. Daddy asked you if you wanted to go find something where you could use the chisel on so that you could see how to use it but you were just too upset and couldn't get passed the feeling of having your feelings hurt. So for about 15 minutes I snuggled you in my arms. Then suddenly you were feeling much better and wanted to go to daddy and have a go with the chisel and hammer. 

From that moment on the rest of our day was perfect. We all found our own treasures and Forrest, you were so proud whenever you'd find a belemnite or an ammonite. This was the first time where you were really into fossil hunting, usually you just want to play in the sand. And Nixie you had the best eye for the little ammonites today. Today you were extra snuggly with me and wanted to hold my hand wherever we went. 

Eventually it was time to go get dinner and daddy chose chips from our usual place in Lyme Regis. The three of you were having one last swim while I began packing up our stuff. When I finished packing I was watching the three of you and felt such an overflow of love for our family & the life we get to have. I just love being together and sharing all of these moments and having all of these experiences together. 

I helped the two of you get dressed and then we walked back to the car and then drove to Lyme Regis. I always love the walk from the Tesco car park down to the promenade and then to the chip shop. The queue was surprisingly long and it felt like it took forever until we got our food but it was worth the wait because these chips are sooo yummy! (You, Nixie wanted to know when we are having a girly day and wanted me to talk about it with daddy then and there)We ate them at our special little spot we always sit at along the sea wall. It is so beautiful there and I just love looking out at the scenery in front of us. Afterwards even though we were all so incredibly full we went to the ice cream shop and the two of you had ice creams (Nixie you chose plum & elderflower sorbet while you, Forrest, chose chocolate and mint chocolate chip) while daddy and I had a latte. 

The sun was beginning to set but we needed to sit down for a bit so that you, Forrest, wouldn't drop your ice cream and while we did so we got to watch some Morris dancers perform. It was the first time the two of you and me had ever seen that before. I had said to daddy that I thought he and I should take lessons but he shut that idea down straight away. I guess he’s not very much of a fan!

It was close to 20:00 and it was time to walk back to the car and drive home. Once again you both wanted to continue with the Happy potter audio book and once again you, Forrest fell asleep. We drove home in the dark. There was some road works so we had to take a detour but it wasn't too bad. Before getting home we just needed to go to Tesco for a couple of things. When we arrived home, I carried you, Forrest, in and even though you woke up as soon as I sat you down on the stairs to take your shoes off you went back to sleep. Daddy took you upstairs to do a wee and then carried you into bed and while this was happening, Nixie, you brushed your teeth and then you and daddy read star wars until you fell asleep which didn't take very long. Afterwards Daddy and I actually enjoyed a beer together, chatted for a while and watched a show before going to bed ourselves. 

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