We had to wake up fairly early to get ourselves ready to catch the train that left Bjorkhagen around 8:30. We had made plans to meet Emma, Patrik & Natalie at Tom Tits in Sodertalje. I felt bad needing to wake all of you up but I didn’t want us to be late. Ever since we arrived here in Sweden we’ve had such early starts and late nights that we are all forever tired. Happy but tired. 

After getting dressed and having a quick breakfast (the two of you have been having yoghurt with fruit hoop cereal) we walked to the train station. Today's adventure involved taking the 17 train to Medborgarplatsen and then getting off and walking for about 10 minutes to catch our train to Södertälje Centrum at Stockholm Södra. We ended up needing to change trains again at Södertalje Hamn just to hop on another train for one stop. We actually drove by the town of where I was born: östertälje and daddy thought that was really special but it wasn't really for me as I have no memories from there. Although we did like imagining my mamma (your mormor) walking along this train station with me in a buggy when I was a newborn. When we finally got on our second train we found out Emma and them were also on that train so we found them about halfway down and your (Nixie) and Emma's reunion began there! You have been so excited to see her, it was the main reason why you wanted to come to sweden. 

As we arrived at Södertälje Centrum and got off we saw Jimmy (your cousin) in the distance coming towards us with my precious wasp nest (that my brother had found and given to me) and your (Forrest) boomerang stick. We accidentally left them at Mikaels house when we were there yesterday and you not having your boomerang stick caused the biggest tears ever so I was especially grateful he found them both and managed to drop it off to us before he went to work. We were lucky that the timings just happened to work perfectly. We only got to see Jimmy for a few seconds but I was happy to get to give him another hug and the three of you were too. 

From the train station it was about a 15 minute walk to Tom Tits and I loved seeing you both reconnecting with Emma. After maybe 3 minutes of nerves the three of you were best friends again running, playing and holding hands. Both you, Nixie & Emma said that you were both so excited to see each other but also really nervous. It had been a year, almost to the date since the last time you saw each other. Emma speaks really amazing English so communicating with each other isn’t a problem. Although both of you have now told me that you really want to learn Swedish so hopefully we can make that happen.

As soon as we entered Tom Tits you, Nixie & Emma were off exploring all of the million of experiments and activities. Forrest you went with them too but mostly you did your own thing and went exploring with daddy. I tried to be with everyone which proved to be a bit challenging so I was like a butterfly fluttering around all of you at different times throughout the day. They had a cafe and for lunch the three of you had pancakes (I love that pretty much every place in Sweden sells pancakes for lunch!) and we all got to rest our feet for a little bit. 

But it wasn’t long until we were all off again exploring all the different activities. There were so many things to see and do, it was a really great place but could definitely use a bit of an upgrade as a lot of the things were like a toy that had been played to death but the three of you thought it was incredible. You all loved the water experiments, the magnets, the electricity circuits, playing tic tac toe with a robot, seeing a tornado, being in a dome of water without getting wet, the bubble demonstration and being able to stand within a lifesize bubble, finding your way through the dark room (which was a bit creepy according to you, Nixie). 

Eventually the time came when Emma needed to leave and we walked them to the front entrance where we said our goodbyes. The hugs that were given between you, Nixie and her were so heart melting. You have a beautiful friendship. I noticed how much you have matured since last time because this time you were able to say goodbye without any big upsets. 

We decided to stay a bit longer and found the Mind Ball (which was one of our favourites at Tekniska last year) and Forrest, you were so incredibly cute because you were focusing so intensely and had some of the best concentration faces as you were willing your mind to move the ball. But by far the best thing of the day was the storm machine. The three of us must have spent at least 30 minutes just playing with the different settings and allowing the hurricane setting to blow us away and make our faces do funny things. We now all want one in our garden. 

Eventually it was time for us to head home but before getting on the train we stopped in Lindex to get some clothes for the two of you. I was a bit sad because you, Nixie had grown out of their section of cute clothes and were now moved up to the more grown up style of clothing. But you seemed to love the choices in front of you and chose a pair of trousers, a tshirt, a sweater, a skirt and some socks. Forrest you really just needed trousers so we found you some joggers and some cute leggings and then you really wanted a sweatshirt to match your leggings which I thought was super sweet. 

Afterwards we copied the morning's journey and made our way back home to Anita’s for a quick dinner and bed.